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7 Immutable Laws Of Mini-Site Success

Your USP: Differentiate Or Die!

Without a unique selling proposition, your prospect has no way of knowing why he should choose your product or service over all of the others that are available. It's your responsibility as a mini site owner to tell your potential customers why your product is more desirable.

Killer Copy: The Essence Of Black Hole Marketing

Killer copywriting is an extremely important money-making skill for any mini site marketer. Words are the most powerful weapons. Everything we do, revolves around words. We THINK in words! Copywriting is nothing more that SALESMANSHIP IN PRINT! When done right,your copy will literally suck your prospects into a black hole, and there is no escape other than clicking the "Order Now" button!

Stories Sell, Facts Only Tell!

The sites that really sell have a story to tell. Harness the power of emotional selling. Why do you think one of the most powerful headlines ever written is "They Laughed When I Sat Down At The Piano, But Not When I Started To Play!" Your prospect is a human being with emotions. He feels. Push that hot button and the sale is yours!

Graphics Are Used To Enhance The Copy, Not To Satisfy The Michaelangelo Within!

For a layout to work, it must get your message across quickly and in an appropriate manner (the sooner the better because in the web no one has much time - trust me on this one). It must organize your ideas and concepts so that the reader can move smoothly and easily through the piece. It must be positioned to stand out from your competition in order to attract more prospects to your business.

Above all, your layout must focus on one goal and one goal only. It is crucial that you burn this into your mind: The single goal of every layout you make is to draw the prospect's focus to the copy!

Answer The Question WIIFM!

WIIFM is a radio tuner that is built into every human's head. WHAT'S IN IT FOR ME? No one cares about you,how great you are, or how long you have been in business. What can you do for ME? Structure your website around this vital concept, and you'll see your sales blast off!

Prove It Or Lose It!

How high does your sales letter rank on the believability index? Are you completely honest with your prospects? How often have you said "This price will revert back to it's original price after midnight on the 24th of August", and it is still the same in December? Nobody likes to be deceived. If you're lying in your salesletter, Stop Right Now!

We're marketers, not hustlers or con men. Where's the integrity? Plug in the "credibility boosters" and "believability builders" Are you using testimonials? Testimonials don't fall from the sky. You need to ask, and when you do, you'll have very powerful weapons at your disposal that scream "It's the Gospel truth!!" to your prospects.

Reason Why!

"I'm offering you a discount of 95% right now!" You know what your prospect is gonna say? "Bull!" Why should he ever believe you? However, if you say "I'm offering you this unprecedented discount BECAUSE I want to offer you an ethical bribe." That sounds disgustingly honest, but believe me, your prospect will appreciate the honesty.

Bribe Your Prospects Into Taking Action Now!

People are greedy. You need to make your offer irresistible! Not just compelling! Grease the greed glands of your prospects. Unleash the mercenary from within! The time tested formula? The Ginsu Knife Technique. Pile on the bonuses till they wobble and give in! Do not stop until they say, "You win, here's your order!" Remember, you can never over-deliver, only under-deliver.

About the author:
Jo Han Mok is an internet marketing consultant and copywriter. He is a wordsmith and specializes in helping people create copy that triggers emotional responses in their prospects for maximal impulse buys. He is currently working on a project with Joe Vitale and he highly recommends this resource that will tweak your mini-site into making the kick butt profits it should be making in no time! Rush to now! Contact Jo Han at

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