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"Are You a Search Engine Whiz?
Take This Quiz and Find Out!"

What kind of search engine wizard are you anyway?

Not sure? Well, why not have some fun and put your search engine know-how to the test?

Simply answer the following 10 search engine quiz questions picking the best answer for each.
Then, based on your score you'll not only get the answers but you'll also get over 40 specific tips, tools and tactics tailored just for you in a FREE special report entitled "Coming Out on Top".
All set? Good. Then letís go…
Question #1: Which Meta Tag is LEAST valuable when it comes to high search engine rankings but is still the one most often mistakenly focused on?
Description Tag
Title Tag
Heading Tag
Keyword Tag

Question #2: Google has historically updated itís index around?
5th of the month
11th of the month
17th of the month
24th of the month
30th of the month

Question #3: A prime example of Search Engine Spamming is
Keyword stuffing or excessive use of a word to increase how many times it shows up on a page to improve your page rank for the term.
Invisible text or hiding keywords by using text thatís the same color as the page background.
Page swapping or getting ranked for one page and then swapping it out for another.
Over submitting or submitting the same page more than once on the same day to the same search engine.
All the above

Question #4: Given the importance of inbound links, what is the best way to boost the number of sites who link to yours?
Participate in FFA
Email link requests to like minded sites
Seek out appropriate Link Farms
Look for guestbooks to sign
Set up a "Link to Us" Page on your site

Question #5: What text does Google display when it returns listings for a keyword search term?
Your siteís DMOZ description for that keyword
The first instance of the keyword and surrounding text
Your Meta Description Tag text
The text you specify Google should use
Could come from any of the first three

Question #6: Inktomi currently serves results for which major such engines? (Pick all that apply)
Excite by way of Overture
Hotbot and Espotting
Looksmart and WiseNut
MSN and
Overture after the paid listings
All the above

Question #7: Which statement best describes the main benefit of paying to get into Yahoo?
Helps you rank better in Google and for the traffic
Helps you rank better in AOL and for the traffic
Just for the traffic alone
Just for Google alone

Question #8: How do you know when youíve been banned by Google?
Your traffic from Google drops to zero
Your PageRank shows zero
You get an email from Google confirming your suspicions
You do a search and canít find your site listed in the Google index
All the above

Question #9: Which search engine is considered the most serious current challenger to Google?
FAST/All the Web
Alta Vista

Question #10: The best thing about Googleís PPC or Ad Words program is
You can get lots of extra traffic
You can get cheap bids
You can quickly test keywords headlines, etc
You can get extra exposure for your site

Done already? Great. Let's see how you did.

Simply fill in your info below. Then click on "Email Me the Results!".

Youíll be emailed the detailed special report "Coming Out on Top" that not only gives you your score, but also goes over the answers with you.

Plus thereís 35 power-packed pages that give you ideas and resources for getting more traffic.

It may be just what you need to improve your search engine ranking. Or to start grabbing the share of search engine traffic you deserve.
Also for playing along youíll be automatically subscribed to the ezine SEO Talking Points to insure you get a steady stream of similar traffic generating ideas. (SEO Talking Points is published by John Gergye, the mastermind behind this quiz.)   Plus, we'll send you a FREE subscription to our twice-monthly "Insider Report" ezine featuring the latest tips, techniques and startup strategies for internet marketing, online advertising and website promotion.

Privacy Notice: Your email address will not be shared with anyone else. Plus you can unsubscribe any time you wish.
Anyway, thanks for taking the search engine quiz. Now let's see if you're a search engine wizard or not. (BTW, please double-check your email address to make sure you get your scores.)

Check if you are you a webmaster!

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