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Birth of a Professional Website
Learn all the cutting-edge nuances of creating an online presence that will both grow and prosper. This exclusive 40-page web book created by Startup Internet Marketing is the compilation of 10 special reports by Shelley Lowery. Grab your copy now - you will not be disappointed.

Internet Marketing Basics
If you're not TOTALLY familiar with the BASICS of marketing online then you owe it to yourself to grab AND read this dynamic 39-page report by Shelley Lowery. She discusses the many aspects involved with bringing your business online. Shelley is tops!

Press Release-O-Matic
Press releases are a powerful marketing medium if you know how to construct them and here's a tool to help you. This is a "fill-in-the-blanks" piece of software from Bill Myers. I'm giving this to you as a gift, but it comes with full resale rights to it as well.

Domain Name Appraisor
This has to be just a bit of fun software! It gives you an estimated monetary value (in $USD) for any domain name (.com, .net, .org or .cc). Just enter the domain name and answer a few questions about it, and it pops up a figure saying what it's worth.

Power Up Your Profits
This unique report by Simon Grabowski is Valued at $37 - but you get it FREE. Simon is the owner of the Getresponse autoresponder service. He explains in 7 step-by-step lessons how an autoresponder can produce huge profits online, 24/7, and ALL on AUTOPILOT. This is a brandable report in .pdf format, and has just been released.

Scientific Internet Marketing Assistant
This useful tool will help you scientifically test your online marketing so you know exactly what marketing strategies are working to produce maximum results & revenue for you. It's called the "Scientific Internet Marketing Assistant" and and I'm giving this $97 application away free...

Rebrand Profits
The ultimate system for making money with affiliate programs. Rarely taught and rarely used techniques that the most innovative minds have created to help you earn more profits with your affiliate programs and resell rights products in less time and with less effort.

Service Sellers Masters Course
Learn how to effectively sell your services online. Attract new clients from around the world -OR- from around the block...   - tell me more

Make Your Price Sell Masters Course
How much money are YOU leaving on the table? Price with complete confidence & double your Net profits. Download your copy of Make Your Price Sell!, The Masters Course now.   - tell me more

Webmaster BUSINESS Masters Course
The Webmaster BUSINESS Masters Course covers essential operational aspects such as a well-developed business plan, targeted marketing, pricing of services, attracting clients, effective communication, and winning proposal/contract construction. It provides the information and resources you need to bypass common mistakes, increase your productivity level and generate recurring income...   - tell me more

Make Your Net Auction Sell
MYNAS! The Masters Course is now f'ree. Sydney Johnston shows you how to start and grow a profitable Net auction business. DO NOT MISS this one! Tell me more ->
Get it now ->

A Millionaire's Secret
The most powerful money-making secret ever told. Most people will never discover this simple strategy. The secret, or rather, "Mindset", will give you the power to seduce almost anyone into buying what you are selling...

Ebooks: A Complete Guide to Self-Publishing
An informative ebook on publishing ebooks with HTML Compilers including tips on ebook design, uploading your ebook, designing your ebook site, creating your download link, promoting ebooks, writing effective sales copy, accepting credit cards, increasing your ebook sales, ebook directory list, tips on including rotating banners in your ebook, plus more tips and resources!

Insider Profits: The Truth About Online Sales
Learn the insider secrets to developing a highly profitable web presence including: designing a quality, in-demand product, designing a web site specifically designed to sell your products, writing killer sales copy, how to accept payment through your site, setting up an affiliate program and much more...

The Ebook Librarian
The Ebook Librarian is a free software tool that allows you to keep track of every ebook you've ever downloaded. For each ebook, you can specify:
  • The format - exe or pdf, etc
  • The actual title
  • The actual location of the ebook file.
  • Specify whether the ebook was free, purchased, brandable, free to give away or if it has resell rights.
  • Organize your ebooks into categories such as: marketing, advertising, publishing and more.
  • Run reports like "Show all ebooks I can give away, show all that have resell rights" etc.
Instead of searching all over the place, you just have to open the Ebook Librarian and there it is! It's free! And you can give it away free too!

The E-zine Promotion Toolbox
Here's a tool you won't want to miss if you've got your own ezine or are thinking about publishing one in the near future. It's a new ebook by Dirk Dupon from Smart-Web-Promotions. This E-book makes it easy to submit your E-zine to the biggest E-zine directories, and it's FREE! Inside you'll also find links to a few useful free E-books, and a list of 65 E-zines to submit your classified ad to free. If you would like to give this tool away to your E-zine subscribers, or web site visitors, please feel free to do so. I'm sure they will appreciate it.

50 E-zine Publishers Interviewed
This E-book contains interviews with some famous -and some not so famous- E-zine or Newsletter Publishers, yours truly included. All the featured publishers have at least 1,000 subscribers, and they reveal how they sign up new subscribers and maintain their list. I believe their answers and tips will be valuable if you want to start up or promote your own E-zine on the Internet.

How to Suck Up Hungry Customers Faster Than a Vacuum Cleaner on Steroids!
This classic ebook is written by Sydney Johnston, author of Make Your Net Auction Sell! Syndey shares her insider strategies for getting the most out of marketing on eBay and any other auction sites. She has made a living with auctions since 1997. Learn how to use the top auction sites to promote your business – regardless of what it is. Fascinating!

Newbie Club 'Guide to the Internet' - 2 Books
BOOK 1 - "Your Own Internet Business - An Overview" Curious about learning how to start an Internet business? Get this EXCLUSIVE Newbie Club eBook now!

BOOK 2 - "Scientific Advertising On The Internet" This title may seem familiar to you, but I can assure you that it's far, far superior to any other copy of Scientific Advertising you may have downloaded before. It will make a huge contribution to your knowledge and ability to advertise on the Net, and will make a great Free Bonus to give to your Site Visitors.

HTML Reference Library
What do you want to know today? The HTML Reference Library is the most definitive reference for currently useable HTML elements. It directly supports Internet Explorer and Netscape. Version: 4.0 Build 175 - 2.9MB

Amazing Marketing Tactics
Learn how to sell 300% more of your product in 72 hours than you did all month. Plus 32 easy ways to breath new life into a web page AND... How to design a killer website that makes the sale virtually every time. There is a total of 7 chapters laying out step by step marketing tactis that will take your promotion efforts to new levels.

Greatest Marketing Secrets of The Ages - Y.Silver
This book is a real joy to read. Yanik presents us with incredible marketing strategies that have been proven over time. Human nature doesn't change. The same things that made people buy 10,000 years ago will continue to work 10,000 years from now. These are the old master's teachings!

Naked Truth About Online Marketing
Learn how to hyper-charge your online marketing and squeeze every last ounce of profit from your website. A step by step blueprint for systematically growing any business on the web. This is a comprehensive work that will teach you how to multiply your profits, create a traffic avalanche and finally, how to put it all together.

EzyAds - Free Ads in over 200 Ezines
The Directory of Ezines That Offer Free Ads. 'Ezy Ads' gives you complete details for over 200 Ezines that will give you a Free Ad, just for subscribing. You will find a host of useful information about ezine advertising in this ebook and will give you all you need to know about starting your own ezine, where to advertise, exchanging ad's with other ezines, how to get people to join and much more. 'EzyAds' was selling for $19.95 but author Michael Southon is now giving it away free.

Traffic Virus v.2.0
The Web's FIRST Viral Advertising Software Program...and it's 100% Free! There are two ways that you can use Traffic Virus 2.0 to create a 24/7 flow of traffic to your site... By using the automated submission tools in the Traffic Virus submission wizard and by launching your own Viral Advertising campaign with your customized version of Traffic Virus to sell or give away as a traffic generator.

Free Courses
We offer a variety of free courses covering everything from building your website, writing your salesletter, and promoting your site to writing your own infoproduct. If you want the best information on the net about how to succeed online without having to fork over the bucks, then go here...

Free Java Applets
Here you will find a few of my favorite applets as well as an excellent article titled "Spice Up Your Web Site with JavaScript" with links to numerous other applets and resources.

Download These 2 Hot Reports by Michael Nicholas valued at $37.00... Now Absolutely FREE!
  • Article Wrapping - This hot new step by step report shows you how to use other people's articles to gain maximum results while using only a small amount of your own effort. Get better search engine listings and make more commissions using this little known technique you'll find ONLY in this report.

  • The Niche Tool Kit - A PDF stockpiled with links that will put you on the fast track to niche marketing. Many of the links are hardly known resources that will help you dredge up profitable niche markets you would never find so easily... This is a must have tool kit!

Startup Internet Marketing has a large collection of the very best ebooks on the net available for download. Check them out here!

Free Insider Report
Receive free monthly marketing updates, tools, tips and strategies to help your online business succeed. Get immediate access to our bonus ebooks AND 150+ back issues.

Keep Informed with our Free Monthly "Insider Report"


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