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Website Promotion Tools

NOTE:  Our Website Promotion Section has grown to the point where we've had to split it up into 2 sections. You are on the "TOOLS" page. Click here to go to the "TIPS" page.

Keyword Research
This comprehensive shareware program allows you to retrieve keyword suggestions from multiple sources, combine keyword lists, use keyword list explosion and cleanup tools, check competion on search phrases, postion check websites, analyze weighted/prominence keyword density etc. Highly recommended - fully functional 30 day free trial.

InstaMail Generator
This program is part of the "Dynamic Popup Generator" suite of popup tools by Michael Hopkins. It will allow you to add a custom OptInOver to your own web site. DON'T MISS OUT ON THIS! - it's free, it's awesome, and it's available now!

Becoming A Super Blogger
The Power Users Quick-Start Guide to Becoming A Super Blogger features step by step instructions for setting up your own blog in just a few hours. It's a free ebook with distribution rights from Doug Champigny.

Scientific Internet Marketing Assistant
This useful tool will help you scientifically test your online marketing so you know exactly what marketing strategies are working to produce maximum results & revenue for you. It's called the "Scientific Internet Marketing Assistant" and and I'm giving this $97 application away free.

W3C HTML Validation Service
This excellent service from W3C searches your web site for HTML-errors. You don't have to register, just fill in your web site details, and within seconds you get a complete list of all the faulty code, together with a solution. Handy!

HTML Reference Library
The HTML Reference Library is the most definitive reference for currently useable HTML elements. It directly supports Internet Explorer and Netscape. Version: 4.0 Build 175 - Filesize: 2.9MB

Color Harmonies
This online color combination tool allows you to simply type in the hex values for a color and you're instantly presented with the exact color combinations that will work with it... this is one very handy tool I use often!

Color Picker
Color Picker is a neat little program featuring small file size and an intuitive interface allowing you to pick your color from three sliders corresponding with the RGB values. Color Picker is rated highly by many of the online distributors of freeware.

Pic2Icon is a small and simple tool to convert any 32x32 JPG, GIF or BMP file to a 16 color ICO (icon) file. You can also use it to convert and ICO file to BMP. NOTE: Because this BETA is still under development, you'll have to first resize the picture you wan't to convert to size 32x32. Then you can convert it to icon. - (15K)

Robotic Linking
Targeted marketing and search engine placement services by A Better Server that creates optimized pages using reciprocal link exchanges to obtain the best positioning for quality traffic. Ranking Results Posted Daily!

How To Install Pop-Up Windows
This is a marketing device that will blow your socks off! Its click-through rate will beat all of your banners, buttons and text links put together and then some. It's called a pop-up window and it is super easy to install...

Create Your Own "First Visit" Popup Window
It's a proven fact that the use of popup windows is a highly effective marketing technique that produces great results. However, they can be very irritating to your visitors. How can you use this powerful marketing technique without offending your visitors? Compromise and use a popup window that only displays the first time your visitor enters your site.

Site Build It!
Site Build It! is the single, most comprehensive set of business-building tools on the Net, all integrated into a system that WORKS! The Site Management software takes you by the hand and literally walks you through every step of developing your online business including some pretty complex stuff that MOST sites NEVER get the benefit of. When your site is done, it's a focused and refined machine properly prepared for site promotion. And guess what? ...It does that too!

Webmaster Tips
Marlon Sanders provides tips and tools for boosting your click throughs and making more money from your affiliations. For tools and strategies to make money from your website check out Marlon's Webmaster Tips. He also shows you how you can make money when people LEAVE your web site...

Instant Internet Profits
If you're looking for a complete, step-by-step blueprint to Internet success you've got to check this out. You could waste months (and thousands of dollars) - trying to figure out what really works on the Internet. Or you could save yourself the frustration, time and mistakes by following Yanik's lead.

Instant Infoproducts
Complete turnkey business offering 20 of the latest high-demand, up-to-date information products available anywhere online. And there's MORE... a whole lot MORE! These products come with resell rights allowing you to set up shop, selling your OWN PRODUCT in less than 60 minutes.

Traffic Virus 2.0
The web's first traffic generating software designed to launch your own viral advertising campaign... and it's 100% free of charge. You may download your 100% FREE copy of the web's hottest new marketing tool. Traffic Virus 2.0 is TEN TIMES as good as 1.0... with the same low price... FREE! :-)

List Builder
This service is proven to grow opt-in email lists by 100-200 or more targeted subscribers per day, at reasonable cost. List Builder appeals to serious ezine publishers and other types of opt-in email marketers. Click here for a related report by Marty Foley titled "The Real Gold Is In The List."

Teach Me HTML v.1.6
Teach yourself the easy way with Teach Me HTML. When you use this program, you'll feel as though an expert is looking over your shoulders, guiding you through every step of the coding process. You will save time and shorten the HTML learning curve by a factor of 10 with this unique educational tool. - (225 Kb)

RoughDraft v.2.0
RoughDraft 2.0 is a freeware word processor. Although suitable for general use, it has features specifically designed for writers of novels, short stories, articles, poetry, plays and screenplays. Spell checking in American or British English is built-in, and you can easily add a third-party dictionary and thesaurus. If you want a no-nonsense writing tool, RoughDraft should give you what you need. - (1.66Mb)

Internet Marketing Goldmine
This is a "must-have" resource for any serious Internet entrepreneur that wants to avoid online business errors that cost time and money. I highly recommend that you add this profit-building tool to your library. You'll find yourself referring back to it often. - Highly Recommended!

Insiders Secret Site
Insiders is a secret members-only web site guaranteed to save you time and money when building a successful Internet business. In it you'll discover powerful tools, little-known techniques, uncommon strategies - and even Marty Foley's personal assistance - for helping you build a thriving Internet business.

Free Submission Daily
Submit to 125,000 sites using the hottest tools currently available. Post your ads to newsgroups, opt-in mailing lists, 211,329 websites and for a limited period only post your ad free to our own new program money mail. Resell this incredible service and get paid A RESIDUAL INCOME of up to 75%! commissions!! DO NOT miss this.

Free Site Reviews is a site where you can receive free critiques by other members (e.g., webmasters, Internet marketers and web designers), and there is an ezine for the members called '4site Journal' as well. It is run quite well, and you are given a guideline for doing critiques which helps not only the site you are critiquing but yourself as well. And most of all, it provides a great deal of exposure too.

Free Tune-Up!
Give Your Site a tune-up once a month with this amazing service. Find problems before your visitors do! Check your links, HTML, page load time, spelling, and more with the web tools at Net Mechanic!

Promoting Your Site
There are many ways to promote your site and many more ways being invented every day. You have to stay on top of things. Changes on the internet happen very quickly and if you don't keep current you will find yourself left in the virtual dust, so to speak. Here are some free resources for promoting your website.

Free Find
Let your visitors Search Your Web Site! Add a search engine to your web site today, for free, in less than 10 minutes! FreeFind has these advanced features: Super-fast setup; Advanced site search engine; Reports track visitors' searches; Automatic site map; Automatic what's new list; Complete customization; Scheduled re-indexing; Large capacity; Ease of use and much more! This is the search engine we use!

Agent WebRanking Suite
This award-winning freeware provides analyses of Web site's search engines position. Simultaneously searches the engines for strategic keywords describing a web site. Results are summarized in an easy-to-read format, with details showing how well a site is positioned within each search engine. Including Yahoo, Alta Vista, HotBot, Excite, and others (including important international engines), and the list keeps on growing! - Highly Recommended!

Free Meta Tag Analyser
Are your web pages robot friendly? Find out now with Scubby's free on-line Web page diagnostics which will check your general HTML, title tag and meta tags. This FREE on-line Meta Tag Analyzer is a MUST for anyone serious about Web site promotion.

Wordtracker shows you how to target the RIGHT keywords. You don't want to aim for words that are TOO popular - or too rare. Your aim is to build a brilliant keyword list with the RIGHT keywords - frequently used keywords with little or no competition. Then you optimize your web pages for phrases that many people are typing into search engines. Wordtracker - the tool the pros use. Try the FREE trial.

Every time your site changes, we'll e-mail your visitors and let them know! Simply place a button or panel on your site, and your visitors can ask for ChangeDetection without leaving your site. It features a super-fast setup, visitor never leave your site, easy "wizard" style interface for your visitors.

Animation Online
Create great looking animated banners and buttons instantly. Go to Animation Online and you can make one for free! You don't have to know HTML or be an internet guru to use this service. Just choose a banner and fill in the blanks, click on "make this banner" and it's ready within seconds.

This tool gives you the chance to actually view your site as others may see it. Seeing your site through your viewer's eyes you can make your site more viewable and usable. You can also view your site for text compatibility and see your alt tags. This is another tool from that I'm sure you'll find handy.

Screen Size Tester
This handy tool from allows you to test your web pages in different window dimensions (screen resolutions). Test out your site in various screen sizes. You want to be sure your visitor can see everything or at least important navigation links.

HTML Goodies Express
This site offers a free "Introductory Training Course" for students of HTML and features related support as well. I recommend signing up for their newsletter whether you're learning HTML or not!

Free Applets
We have gathered a few applets here for you to test out and download if you should so desire. "CrossFader" and "TommyGunMessage" are two worth checking out.

Bit Shack Hosting
Can't Afford Your Own Dot.Com Name And Site... Really? If you don't need all the "bells and whistles" included by many providers, why pay for them? You can have your own registered AND hosted for about $30 a year at Bit Shack. REALLY! (formerly has the most advanced registration/management system for second and third level domain name extensions. provides you with reasonable prices at the highest level of quality and the best customer service in the industry.

Free Website Hosting
Get started quickly and easily. We have listed numerous Free Web Sites here to get you up and running in no time. This is an easy way for you to get online with an interactive web site. You can easily add features such as chat, calendars, message boards, email lists and more, all Free!

Web Position Gold
Over 90% of the search engine traffic to most Web sites comes from 8 to 10 major search engines. Therefore, you should prepare your server for a considerable increase in traffic after achieving just a few top 10 search positions with WebPosition Gold. No other product is more favorably reviewed by the press or its customers. - Download free trial version of WebPosition Gold!

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Search Tips
Visit this special section devoted to search tips and related links. Among other "gems", you'll find a Free E-Book titled "Search Engine Tactics" that you can either read online or download at your pleasure. (ZDNet Editors Pick!)

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Receive free monthly marketing updates, tools, tips and strategies to help your online business succeed. Get immediate access to our bonus ebooks AND 150+ back issues.

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