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Website Promotion Tips

NOTE:  Our Website Promotion area is now presented in a "TIPS" section and a "TOOLS" section. You are on the "TIPS" page. Click here to go to the "TOOLS" page.

  • Meta Tags: Your Questions Answered
    If there's one topic that comes up almost as often as how to submit, it's questions about meta tags. Meta tags have been mentioned so many times by the press, many people perceive them as the Holy Grail of search engine marketing....

  • Webmaster Tips
    Marlon Sanders provides tips and tools for boosting your click throughs and making more money from your affiliations. For tools and strategies to make money from your website check out Marlon's Webmaster Tips. He also shows you how you can make money when people LEAVE your web site...

  • Reclaim Your Website's Hidden Traffic
    There is a whole section of traffic you never get to see, and never knew wanted your products or services! How? ...The dreaded 404 page, that's how! This report will show you how to change all this, and not only keep this traffic from slipping out of your part of the net, but allow you to track them as well. Never lose a customer by redesigning your site again.

  • How Important Is Follow Up Really?
    Here's some tremendous information regarding the importance of following up from the Association of Professional Salesmen and the National Sales Executive Association. Their statistics show that the majority of sales are made from the 5th through the 12th contact! Here is the data they have compiled about how contact sales are made and a solution to automate the follow up process.

  • Host Hunting
    If you're in the process of setting up an ecommerce site, you'll want to read this article by Dave Methvin. He talks about what you should be looking for, issues to consider and how to get your money's worth!

  • Design Your Online Success
    As the old saying goes, "You never get a second chance to make a good first impression!" This article reveals how the "Ketchup Principle" and the power of perception apply to effective web site design.

  • URL Addresses for Marketing Your Web Site
    This is a list of the major search databases on the web and the address you need to go to (as of this writing) to submit your website information. If you do nothing else other than getting listed with these databases, you’ll be ahead of the game.

  • How Do You Copywrite a Publication?
    Michel Fortin answers these questions: How do you copyright a publication? I had heard from some sources that if it is an electronic publication than it is already copyrighted. Is this true? I would like to copyright my publications and site as well.

  • Make It Easy For People To Find You
    Due to the growing overload of information on the web, people no longer have the time to search the Internet let alone search engine results in order to find exactly what they want. More and more people would love to skip search engines and their plethora of irrelevant, or misleading, links. And many attempt to reach websites directly by typing plausible URLs into their browsers. Michel Fortin shows you how to ready your site so that you can be found easily.

  • What's Your Visitor's UPA?
    Michel Fortin discusses the natural human inclination to illogically and unconsciously assume that there is a parallel between a part and its whole: how that relates to your website and what you can do about it!

  • What Have You Done Today To Promote Your Business?
    Promoting your business on the internet is a never ending process. You cannot afford to place some advertisements and then sit back to watch the results roll in. To do so would doom your business to failure. Instead, each day, you need to be doing something to promote your business.

  • Averting Disaster
    You wake up in the morning to find that your computer is dead. You try all the recovery methods in your arsenal but nothing works. After a trip to your local computer shop, you learn that all the data on your hard drive is wiped out and unrecoverable. Would this hurt your online business dramatically? Would your income stop as a result? Most small and home based businesses are totally unprepared for this and believe it or not, it CAN happen to you.

  • Targeted Traffic Through Endorsements
    Joint venture endorsement marketing is the probably the most underrated yet most powerful method available to attract targeted customers to your site, bar none. I know that you may be scratching your head right about now asking yourself, "What is this guy talking about? Everyone knows that search engine positioning is the most effective form of promotion...

  • The Absolute Best Way to Promote Your Site For Free
    I can't stress the importance of effective linking strategies enough - they are the hidden power of the World Wide Web. There are two benefits to exchanging links. One is the immediate increase in traffic to your website from referral partners who are thinking of networking with you. This can quite often lead to sales. The second benefit, and most important in our minds, is the ongoing funnel of new, pre-qualified prospects it brings to your doorstep.

  • Prepare for the Proliferation of Personalization
    Personalization, which is the obvious parallel in the field of ecommerce, will provide consumers with greater flexibility and choice, a more personalized online experience, and greater leverage when it comes to buying products on the Internet. Since the web is completely user-driven, and when compared to other types of interruption-based, broadcast media, it is no wonder that the demand for personalization is growing.

  • Ignite Your Website Traffic With Free Publicity
    Forget about paying a public relations agency hundreds to thousands of dollars to maybe gain some exposure. Getting traffic to your web site is not about spending lots of money. It's about knowing how and where to submit articles in order to get results.

  • The Science Of Alternative Traffic Generation
    The greatest rule in marketing success often taught in the academic world is "location, location, location." In cyberspace, that rule applies even more. In other words, your site must be located in as many places as possible and it must be as easily accessible.

  • The Buying and Selling of Web Sites and Domain Names
    There is a whole new revenue stream on the internet, one never thought possible a few years ago. Domain names and web sites are being bought and sold, or developed into full blown sites, with the "sole intent" of selling them. It's almost like real estate in the dirt world. Whoever thought that this would be, and could be, a sustainable business model? Lets look at two different ways, people like you are making money, buying and selling domains.

  • Credible Content on a Credible Site
    The credibility of your Web site is a huge issue for Web users. Thousands of students are currently being trained to evaluate sites on this basis. Who has provided the information on this page? Can the information be trusted? Can the people behind it be trusted? Is it safe to send an e-mail to these unknown people? Will an order be secure? Without credibility, there's not going to be much action.

  • The 20 Rules of a Killer Website
    You have no choice. If you want to be successful online, you need to develop a website that serves the needs of your visitors in a manner that is both user-friendly and easily understood. This sounds easy enough, right? Unfortunately, no one thing is going to make your website a success. You will need to constantly be trying and testing new things, even if you currently have a website that is doing well. Why? Because what works today isn't necessarily going to work tomorrow!

  • A Domain To Call Your Own
    Staking out your territory on the Web is like one of those Old West land rushes. You dash in, find a scrap of free land, put up a signpost and a barbed-wire fence, and try to make something of it. The digital equivalent of that signpost and fence--also known as a domain name--is easily within your reach. So how do you get your name in front of the .com? It all comes down to three steps... See the full report!

  • Creating Your New Web Site
    With a little thought and preparation you can design a good Web site from the outset. One that does the job it was intended for, and stands a fair chance of getting decent search engine rankings. You'll also have a site that is easy to modify, just in case you didn't get it quite right first time!

  • Be Original
    Your copyright questions are answered here. The reason we don't build our web site's out of straw is because they need a solid foundation if we expect them to grow. A solid foundation starts with original copy and graphics. Be original.

  • The Business of E-Books
    What are they exactly and how they can help you grow your business. Here are some important things to consider before writing and designing your own e-book. writing an e-book that has the potential to experience success is not easy work. You must put a lot of effort into it, but once you do, you'll have a flexible marketing tool that will work 365 days and nights a year for you.

  • Let's Flash
    Flash (developed by Macromedia) is the leading vector graphics technology for designing high-impact, low-bandwidth web sites. SWF (ShockWave Flash) is the file format used by Macromedia Flash to deliver graphics, animation and sound over the Internet. These techniques are rapidly changing the way we play, work, or just browse online.

  • How To Write Your Own E-Book In Just 5 Days
    Selling information products is the most profitable venture that can be promoted on the Internet. However, there are some problems that web marketers must face in order to create a truly valuable e-book. Not everyone has these problems, but many people do (I certainly did when starting out).

  • Web Graphics 101
    If you've done much surfing you've noticed web graphics can enhance the experience or make it a nightmare depending on how they are used. As an effective web designer you need to be very careful about your graphics decisions. One of your first and most basic decisions is choosing the right graphics format...

  • A Picture's Worth 1,000 Words
    Want to make your web site standout in crowded favorites lists in browsers and address bars? How about displaying your logo next to links to your site. Here's the low-down on how to create and set up your "favicon.ico" to accomplish just that...

  • Net Auctions As A Business
    As a business, Net auctions are truly a whole new kind of opportunity. EVERYBODY's aware of the Internet auction arena. It's a rapidly expanding field for business, full of opportunity for those who want -- and know how -- to take advantage of it...

  • Diversify to Survive
    Protect yourself in this dynamic and volatile dot-com environment by diversifying your product and service offerings to generate multiple streams of income. - Apr, 2001

  • Get Out of Your Own Way!
    What are the first thoughts that come to mind when you think of starting your own business? If you've been reluctant to go out on your own, it's time to consider what may be the biggest obstacle in your path... You. - Apr, 2001

  • Secrets to Explosive Web Traffic
    Something for nothing is a universal passion and successful webmasters are aware of this aspect of human psychology. A very effective method to increase your customer base is giving something away. - Apr, 2001

  • Drive Targeted Traffic to Your Website
    The Aesop Meta Tag is a new standard that is dramatically changing the way we search the Internet. This new Meta Tag not only returns highly targeted search results, but it also provides website owners with highly targeted traffic... - Apr, 2001

  • People do Judge Websites by Their Front Pages
    The Internet is a phenomenal place for resources, tools and information that can help quicken the entrepreneurial learning curve, which can be dramatically slow for many new businesses in today's hypercompetitive world. It is important to realize, though, that the web, as in all things, has important elements one can never ignore. One of them is the human element. - May, 2001

  • 10 Deadly Website Sins
    You can spend every waking moment promoting your site, but if it's not a well designed site to begin with, you're fighting a losing battle. Good sites help to promote themselves. Get it right the first time with these 10 deadly tips from Jennifer Johnson. - June, 2001

  • Choosing The Correct Keywords For A Site
    Learn the correct way of finding the keywords for which you should optimize your site for the search engines. This article will give you the formula for the Keyword Effectiveness Index (KEI) - a mathematical formula which I have developed to help you determine which keywords you should be optimizing your site for. - July, 2001

  • Top 4 Ways To Promote Your Site - Free!
    The competition for Internet traffic is stiff. What is an Internet entrepreneur with a low ad budget to do? Not to worry here are 4 very effective and completely free ways to bring in lots of traffic... - July, 2001

  • Creating Keyword Rich Pages For The Search Engines
    Once you have established the keywords for which you should optimize your site for the search engines, it is time to figure out how you can get a high ranking in the search engines for those keywords. Learn how to do it right with this "KRP Formula." - August, 2001

  • Site Development "Tip of the Week"

  • Web Design "Tip of the Week"

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