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Affiliate Masters Course
Ken Evoy is so far ahead of the competition, that his techniques represent the future of internet marketing, which is exactly where you need to be!  He is clearly one of the best in his field.  This course has just recently been updated, refreshed and reformatted into a printer-and-eye-friendly PDF e-BOOK. Click here to download now!

Newbie Club Guide to the Internet
GET THIS FREE E-BOOK!  Curious about learning how to start an Internet business?  Have you any idea what there IS to learn?  The Newbie Club has done it again.  They've persuaded 18 successful Internet Marketers to give you an overview of what they feel you SHOULD learn.  Only then can you get down to learning the specific Nitty-Gritty details!  It's called "Your Own Internet Business - An Overview"  Download this EXCLUSIVE Newbie Club eBook NOW by clicking the above link and and save it to your desktop.  Your PC will start the download process immediately if you're online.  (Highly Recommended!)

Internet Marketing Goldmine
This is a "must-have" resource for any serious Internet entrepreneur that wants to avoid online business errors and headaches that commonly waste time and money. I highly recommend that you add this profit-building tool to your library. You'll probably find yourself referring back to this solid 288 page resource again and again. Not only does "Internet Marketing Goldmine" reveal powerful success strategies that other books and courses commonly overlook, but with the solid moneyback guarantee Marty offers on it, it's hard to go wrong. - Highly Recommended!

Profits Vault Free Report
This free report will show you How to Sell 300% More of YOUR Product in 72 Hours Than You Did All Month. Discover the jealously guarded Insider Secrets and Resources so valuable that they had to be locked in a vault. How to Turn Any Web Site into an Instant Cash Machine which Automatically produces its own hits, makes its own sales, processes its own orders, and practically takes care of itself...without spending a penny!

Online Stealth Marketing - by Mike Enlow
This eBook by the "Master of Marketing", is available now! You will not want to miss this one! "Online Stealth Marketing" is an introductory look at the best ways to use the internet for profit. Mike gets as much as $15,000 per person to attend his technology marketing seminars and he's giving you this book FREE! Download now! - (509K)

Basic HTML
HTML means Hypertext Markup Language. With this tool, you can create any webpages you want. For the beginners and those who wish to learn html, we recommend this site for you: "Create It~101; Basic HTML". Learn from it and Practice! Learning the basics may take you from 1 to 3 hours only. Once you've learned how it's done, you will soon realize that it's easy to make a webpage after all!

The Science of Getting Rich
Timeless wisdom and a practical, step-by-step prosperity program from a forgotten 1910 classic. You already have within you everything you need to turn your dreams into reality. You are a person of infinite worth and unique possibility. Even if you don't think of yourself as a creative person, and even if you've failed before, and even if you think you've tried everything, open your mind to this book. - View in PDF format now!

The Handbook of E-Zine Publishing
The Handbook of E-Zine Publishing is full of practical information and tips to help you write and publish your own E-zine. It covers preparation, planning, production, publishing, promotion and profits. Read it online at

Insider Secrets to Marketing Your Business on the Internet - 2004.
In my opinion, this is one of the best training course on internet marketing available today at any price - Check it out! There is a lot of information and tips (examples listed below). You will be very impressed. I cannot recommend it any higher... Corey Rudl is a *real* example of someone that makes hundreds of thousands of dollars on the Internet... so listen carefully to what he has to say; he knows what he is talking about!
  • Learn How to Start and Promote a Business on the Internet
  • Get Corey's FREE Internet Marketing Newsletter
  • Learn How To Skyrocket your Online Sales by 837%
  • Tips, Tricks and Tools for Promoting your Business Online
  • Learn How To Get More HITS TO YOUR WEBSITE?
  • "Insider" Tips and Secrets for Promoting your Business Online

Make Your Site Sell
Ken Evoy is a truly amazing, multi-talented individual and on top of that he's Canadian! Among his achievements, he has taught medicine, designed toys and games which earn millions of dollars in royalties, and invented a "virtually impossible to sell" niche software product - which he sells on the Net, earning thousands daily. Then he wrote a brilliant book, Make Your Site SELL!, describing how he sells what ought to be virtually impossible to sell. - I can honestly say that buying this book was the best $24.95(Cdn) I've ever spent!

Make Your Knowledge Sell
Ken Evoy has done it again folks. His new MYKS! co-authored with Monique Harris shows you clearly, and exactly, how to publish your own infoproduct. Then it shows how to build traffic that will buy from you on the Net. Absolutely everything is in MYKS!, from brainstorming to automating your order-processing.

Make Your WORDS Sell!
Make Your Words Sell! does more than reveal the secrets that Ken Evoy has used to propel to its incredible success. It does way more than show how powerful persuasive Net copy should be written. And it does much, much more than just show you how to think like a successful Web copywriter.

It shows you how to think like your customer, with your customer and ahead of your customer. And... Not just any customer... your specific customer. Right from the very first moment (before, actually!) he or she enters your site, all the way through to the climax of taking the order... and the vital follow-up. Step by careful step, word by word, paragraph by paragraph, and page by perfectly crafted page, MYWS! transforms you into a consummate copywriter who knows how to write to sell.

This book is by far the best INVESTMENT I have ever made! Get more info

Website and Ezine Promotion Made Easy - by Dirk Dupon
If you have (or plan to set up) a Web Site or E-zine, you should get this incredible handy electronic book. Its packed with helpful information, clever tricks, original tips, and no-nonsense links to make your promotion campaign totally painless. The critics at ZDNet gave the demo version of Dirk's E-book a full 4 star rating, so you can bet that it offers quality!

The Ezine Marketing Machine by respected Canadian writer and Internet Marketer Rick Beneteau has been dubbed the "bible" of ezine marketing! Just read the testimonials from the TOP Internet Marketing Experts such as this one: "Rick, I just read your course on Newsletter Marketing and I'm stunned! You're one of the few I've met that really understand the potential of this technique. I really hope none of my competitors learn your secret! How much can I pay you to take this off the market? :-)" - Mark Joyner CEO, Aesop Marketing Corporation

If you're overwhelmed with where to begin, I have 2 recommendations for you. I've invested plenty in training, with no regrets, BUT these 2 stand out as "Super Buys!"

One is "Make Your Site Sell" (cost-$17.USD) by Ken Evoy, a Canadian gentleman, that has earned a reputation for over-delivering.

And the other is "Make Your Words Sell" (cost-$29.USD) also by Ken Evoy.

Yes, I receive an associate commisssion for both these books, BUT... don't let that slow you down!

There is literally a wealth of free information here. We are pleased to offer a number of quality eBooks that you are welcome to download at your leisure. Some of these can be viewed online in "PDF" format as well. Look for your favorite author or read through the descriptives to make your choices. Filesize is noted for each so you can determine the amount of time they will take. Highly recommended - ENJOY!

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