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Search Engine Tips

  • A Simple Secret To Seducing The Search Engines
    Learn this simple, no cost way to make the search engines crawl all over your website like ants on a melted popsicle.

  • Beginner's Guide to Pay Per Click Search Engines (Part 1)
    Pay per click (PPC) advertising via search engines has become extremely popular with businesses of all sizes, due to the booming search market and the massive growth in online sales.

  • Beginner's Guide to Pay Per Click Search Engines (Part 2)
    In Part 1 of this report, we looked at the various pay for performance advertising models offered by Yahoo! Search Marketing. In this article, we will look at the remaining pay for performance search engine models on our list, starting with Google AdWords.

  • The Strategy of Search
    Search marketing is a game that's been played at the tactical level for the past 8 years. Strategy hasn't really been part of the game. That's going to have to change.

  • Rank Higher On Google
    The process of trying to get your web site to rank highly on Google is not a complicated matter. It boils down to these three things: Page Titles, PageRank and Page Reputation.

  • Seven Search Engine Similarities
    It's true -- search engines are a royal pain when you try to optimize your web pages for them but you can reduce the pain by analyzing their similarities. Judith Tramayne-Barth has some excellent advice here for dealing with today's search engines!

  • Gateway Pages My Patootie
    Everybody and their sister is telling you to make Gateway or Doorway pages to get listed higher in search engines. I'm here to tell you this is a waste of your valuable time. If you follow the guidelines given here, you should increase your position and, if you do it right, be ranked in the top 10.

  • Is Search Engine Positioning Really Worthwhile?
    Here are some very serious questions that I've been asked about search engine positioning. How much traffic can search engine positioning generate? Is search engine optimization worth my time to pursue? Is it cost-effective? These are legitimate questions that our subscribers have asked about this popular marketing practice. - from the MarketPosition Monthly

  • The Honest Truth About Search Engines
    The absolute truth of the matter is that for most online businesses, search engines are definitely not the most effective way to promote a web site. In fact, depending primarily on the products and services you're marketing they can be almost useless.

  • Link Popularity: How to Check it and How to Improve it!
    Many Web marketing veterans have long realized the value of improving link popularity. For those of you new to this term, link popularity is how many external links on the Web point to your own Web site. Therefore, if you have 205 Web pages on other Web site domains pointing to your domain, then your link popularity is 205. Your link popularity will vary on each search engine because each engine has a different set of pages in its index.

  • Because Submitting Is Not Enough
    This is a newsletter from "WebPosition Gold" featuring an independent survey of 300 I-Search newsletter readers, published March 21st, asked what Web-based or auto-submit software they currently use. Also featured are reports on Which is Better: Manual Submission or Automated; Latest News on AltaVista Blocking Sites; What does AltaVista consider spam, Our AltaVista Recommendations and how do I get off AltaVista's blacklist.

  • Killer Secrets For Ranking High
    Have you ever wondered how the major search engines position your site? When you search "B2B" or "Business-to-Business" on AltaVista, you can see our website,, in the Top Ten listings. How did we do that? I'd like to share some of my experiences with you. After years of website promotion, I've come up with the following rules which have proven to be effective for us.

  • Turning Your Home Page Into A Secret Weapon
    I'm going to blow away any idea, any concept at all, of what you think a home page should be about. Your home page must be about one thing, attracting a major search engine. Its like a beauty pageant, you want your home page to win the highest mark from the panel of judges, the rules of a major search engine. You will need to redesign your web site so your new "index" or "home" page leads to what you currently call your "home" page.

  • Search Engine Promotion - Options Explained
    Most people have limited knowledge when it comes to search engine ranking and the various types of services on offer. We all know that having top 10 positions on some of the leading engines can bring all the traffic we can handle, and then some. But how do we get those top 10 listings and what should we expect to pay to get them?

  • 14 Marketing Myths That Can Hurt You
    In this article, I am going to discuss some of the myths that I am constantly dealing with -- and the realities behind them! Knowing the reality is critical to your Internet marketing health and success ... So read on! - Condensed from the IMC Private Website

  • Optimization Copywriting for Theme Indexing Search Engines
    Theme indexing is a process used by search engines to determine an entire site's primary theme. In other words, your complete set of Web pages is indexed as one, and defined as one. Let's look at the theme indexing process from the search engine's point of view...

  • Paying For Traffic
    If you've been struggling with your website traffic and your sales aren't what you had hoped for, then maybe it's time to start paying for traffic. Pay-per-click Search Engines provide an extremely effective means of obtaining highly targeted traffic to your website.

  • 5 Keys to Copywriting for Site Visitors and Search Engines
    When it comes to writing your Web site copy, you must balance the needs of your target audience with search engine optimization. Here are the 5 keys to help you succeed with both site visitors and search engines.

  • Drive Targeted Traffic to Your Website
    The Aesop Meta Tag is a new standard that is dramatically changing the way we search the Internet. This new Meta Tag not only returns highly targeted search results, but it also provides website owners with highly targeted traffic...

  • Why Can't I Get Indexed by the Search Engines?
    If you've submitted your site and have waited the estimated time to be indexed and there's still no listing, what do you do now? Here are 16 tips that should help you solve this problem...

  • The 'Human Approach' to Site Optimization
    Most people online today continue to use search engines to find what they are looking for, as well as follow links from sites they trust. Let's discuss this 'trust' from the standpoint of positioning your Web business...

  • Enter the World of Paid Submissions
    From Yahoo! and LookSmart to Inktomi, the directories and search engines are entering the paid submissions phase of the indexing game. In light of this development, we have to ask ourselves several questions...

  • Ten Suggestions for Getting your Site Listed in the ODP
    Over the past few years, the Open Directory Project ( has boomed in importance. Why? Because it provides directory results to Lycos, HotBot, Netscape, AOL Search, Google Directory, and the list goes on and on. Simply put, submitting to the ODP means that even if you can't get your pages indexed by Lycos, HotBot, or AOL Search, you'll still have a presence in those engines, thanks to the ODP.

  • List your site in Directories or Portals. Why?
    While PPC search engines provide excellent traffic for relevant keywords (often at high cost), directories and portals have the ability to provide a steady stream of extremely targeted traffic. Permanent listings in some of the better directories/portals often only cost the price of one weekly ezine ad (and in some case much less)

  • Importance of Search Engine Positioning
    Unless your web site is at the top of the search engines, you are losing thousands of potential customers, which can translate into hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost profits. The search engines are by far the most important source of traffic for your web site. Don't ignore them.

  • FREE Course on Search Engine Placement
    The Search Engine Masters Course is a powerful, 5 day email course on how you can become a search engine positioning champion. In fact, it's the only course of its kind available anywhere on the Internet.

  • Choosing The Correct Keywords For A Site
    Learn the correct way of finding the keywords for which you should optimize your site for the search engines. This article will give you the formula for the Keyword Effectiveness Index (KEI) - a mathematical formula which I have developed to help you determine which keywords you should be optimizing your site for.

  • Winning the Search Engine Wars!
    Creating and building effective Search Engine marketing campaigns is like trying to nail jello to the wall! The challenge can be daunting to many, requiring a specialized knowledge of processes that must be blended with unique and disparate technologies.

  • Creating Keyword Rich Pages For The Search Engines
    Once you have established the keywords for which you should optimize your site for the search engines, it is time to figure out how you can get a high ranking in the search engines for those keywords. Learn how to do it right with this "KRP Formula."

  • The Naked Truth About Doorway Pages
    Ever wonder why the use of "doorway pages" in search engine optimization is getting such a bad rap? Michael Buck exposes the truth about doorway pages, how they can affect your search engine rankings and supplies some simple guidelines to help you stay on track...

  • Cloaking
    The higher a site ranks in the major search engines, the more hits it receives. In many cases, hits directly translate into dollars. On the surface "cloaking" sounds like the perfect solution to search engine optimization except for one significant fact...

  • Submitting your site to the Open Directory
    Getting your site an optimum listing in the Open Directory (DMOZ) is vitally important as far as search engine positioning is concerned. AOL, Netscape & Lycos all take their results from the Open Directory. Google also gives a lot of importance to sites being listed in the Open Directory. Learn how to get your site an optimum listing in this directory...

  • Spider Friendly Copy
    You have to think about how search engines index your site. They don't just take your home page and point to it... they gather all your links to different pages on your site and list each one. Think about it, one page - one chance, to have a targeted visitor. Multiply that times 50 or 100 pages (each with a different keyword) and your chance for a successful Internet business increases...

Tools & Services

Super Affiliate Finder
Locate people and businesses by keywords with this free service from CGI Connection. Perfect for teaming with those in your same field to maximize profits...

Search Engine Quiz
Think you're a search engine whiz? Then take the Search Engine Quiz and get the FREE report "Coming Out on Top" with a total of 49 must-have tools and resources to attract tons of traffic to your website.

Sim Spider
The Search Engine Spider Simulator will show you what the spiders see and how you are logged into the search engines. Just plug your URL into the simulator and you'll know instantly if your site is ready for the spiders. The service is great and it's free. You'll also find a number of other very handy search engine tools in their Webmaster Tool Chest.

This is a fast meta search engine (simultaneous searches in the major search engines and free URL submission service). There is even an e-mail feature that allows you to receive the search results by e-mail. I recommend that you sign up for their FREE membership and then try out their "search results for your keywords" and have them mailed to you for careful analysis. Also try out their "URL Ranker" service.

Anaconda Instant Directory
This directory is a searchable database of over 2.3 million categorized links representing the absolute best of the web in over 345,000 topics. Webmasters - add this searchable directory of 2.3 million sites to your website in 3 minutes for FREE!

Raging Search
Raging Search is Alta Vista's new Google-like search engine using the most advanced technology to deliver only the most relevant pages for your query. Raging Search is dedicated to providing the most relevant results, the fastest search, and the easiest site to use. They claim to have the biggest and freshest index of Web pages containing every word found on more than 350 million unique pages.

SearchEngines is the gateway to search engines, directories and reference sites. Get Ready, the producers of are about to announce they will soon be bringing us a new and innovative way to find high quality information on the web.

Free Find
Let your visitors Search Your Web Site! Add a search engine to your web site today, for free, in less than 10 minutes! FreeFind has these advanced features: Super-fast setup; Advanced site search engine; Reports track visitors' searches; Automatic site map; Automatic what's new list; Complete customization; Scheduled re-indexing; Large capacity; Ease of use and much more! This is the onsite search engine that I use and I highly recommend it!

Search Canada
Here's a quick "Yellow Page" search for Canadian business by "Province" and "Category" or "Business Name" compliments of

Search Engine Watch
This is an excellent monthly newsletter that tracks all the changes in the search engine world. Editor Danny Sullivan seems to have friends in high places in various search engine companies, as he often has news that you'll find nowhere else!

This is a search engine that finds your name, your website, your product name, or if you want, your competitor's names or products. You can do free searches on the fly ...but if you register, egosurf will keep on searching and adding to the list of sites on a daily basis. You can try the service free for a week. Then, if you have some serious research that needs to be done, ask them for a quote.

Search Engine Tactics (Free E-Book)
If you want to know how to submit your site and come up first in the search engines, then you have to read this Free e-book on search engine tactics. Read it online or if you choose, download it now! - (1.2MB) is a well established search engine and has been continually gaining in popularity over the past couple years. Currently IQSeek is ranked number eight (#8) amoungst the quickly expanding list of pay-per-click search services. Their association, the International Association of WebMasters and Designers (I.A.W.M.D.), is one of, if not the, largest of it's kind in the world.

The Best News on the Net is the New and inexpensive Pay-Per-Click Search Engine HootingOwl. Lock in your choice of Keywords for only pennies and you have the same position for LIFE! Plus there's a great 2 tier affiliate program.
HootingOwl "The wise way to search the web"

Handy list of Search Engines

SubmitPlus is a free "TOP 10" search engine submission service with a difference. It submits to the following search engines - Alta Vista, Infoseek, Excite, Hotbot, Lycos, Magellan, Canada, Webcrawler, Google and Northern Light. The difference is "Google." Because Yahoo is now using Google for it's search engine, your pages will get listed in their directory (through the back door) and in less than half the time!
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