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Marketing Sources and Resources

Our resouce section is set up in 4 sections. The first presents a collection of quality "eCommerce Links" with descriptive. The second and third sections comprise a list of "Comprehensive Business Links" and the fourth section features "Canadian Business Sites"
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eCommerce Links - from the SuccessDoctor

The eCommerce Information Center
This site offers ecommerce statistics, analysis and market research. For example, do you need to get a handle on how many Internet users there are? How many web sites are out there? The amount of online business activity? This site provides the answers... And much more.

The eComm Resource Center
This site offers numerous resources -- specifically, it provides a basic look at how to plan, build, manage and promote an ecommerce web site.

eCommerce Research Room
Dr. Ralph Wilson provides an incredible information-packed resource site on ecommerce and web marketing. Among others, his eCommerce Research Room is a must-visit. His ecommerce discussion forums are also quite helpful.

Merchant Account Forum
Free information and resources on how to choose, gain and use your own merchant account to accept credit cards online.
Jakob Nielsen is the web's greatest pundit on web usability and navigation, which is an important component of successful web businesses. It's a plain site (he practices what he preaches) but packed with very "usable" tips and information.

eCommerce Times
Find out what's happening in the world of ecommerce with the eCommerce Times. Subscribe to their free weekly ezine -- it's always filled with the latest trends, news, interviews and issues that affect this dynamic environment.

The eCommerce Guide
This is part of's growing library of useful Internet information. While is itself a must-bookmark, the guide provides everything you need to know about ecommerce, with a special section on online marketing.

eCommerce 101
Need a merchant account? Looking for a good web host? In the market for a fulfillment company? eCommerce 101 offers tons of information selling online.

eCommerce Web Encyclopedia
What in the world do SSL, SET, VPN or ERP mean? Visit the eCommerce Web Encyclopedia (or "Webopedia") to find out about ecommerce-specific phrases, terminologies, words and acronyms -- from digital wallets to "clicks-and-mortar."

The eCommerce Advisor
Joan Sotkin's eCommerce Advisor ezine is always a super-read. It gives ebusiness webmasters the do's and dont's of online business and ecommerce.

Know This Virtual Library
The "Know This" virtual library is a great academic resource and a wealth of information for understanding marketing management, the in's and out's of ecommerce, from writing a business plan to selling.

I love this site. An online magazine, ClickZ provides an insightful inside -- and oftentimes unabashed -- look at web advertising, electronic media and marketing.

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Business Links on the Internet

ASI Success Web : This site along with some general tips and articles related to finance and personal development, also provides a informative questionaire named, 100 questions about your small business.

CCH Tool Kit : Lots of good software downloads for managing your startup. For those of you interested in reading a book, this site also has excerpts from its small business guide.

Entrepreneur America : Started by Rob Ryan, the co-founder, former chairman, CEO of Ascend Communications, provides mentoring services. Information on business plan preperation and topics related to startups is also available.

Entrepreneur's Mind : And now a few words of wisdom from who have been there, done that. Their thoughts, their stories, their experience.

entreWorld : Another excellent site for small business from the Kauffman foundation. The site contains links to good articles on other sites on the Internet, all very well categorized.

NBIA : National Business Incubation Association, provides a overiew and requirements for business incubation, links to regional incubators and other resources.

SB2000 : This site of the television progam by the same name, has a series of excerpts from interviews with succesful entrepreneurs, compiled and categorized in several sections.

SBA Gopher : This is an excellent source providing four workbooks that answer most of your prelimirary questions. : The Business Guide to Federal Resources. Information on starting and doing business with the government, along with a library of links and resources to other government documents, regulations and publications.

More Business Links

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Startup Internet Marketing Resource Center Links

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