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  • The New Secrets of Guerrilla Marketing
    Jay Conrad Levinson offers 16 key components to online success in this special report. It features tons of timely tips and definitely qualifies as must-reading. Jay is the author of the "Guerrilla Marketing" series of books, the most popular marketing series in history with 14 million copies sold to date.

  • What You Need to Know NOW About the New CAN-SPAM Act
    Tips for surviving the new CAN-SPAM Act as it pertains to you and what you should be doing about it...

  • How To Write An Ad
    Learn the secrets to writing successful ad copy in this excellent report by Tim North. Tim is the author of "Better Writing Skills" and he shares his insights in these 10 steps aimed at helping you get the best response from your ad copy.

  • The Easiest Way To Write Anything
    You've got something to say, but you don't think of yourself as "a writer." Copywriting expert Joe Vitale shares this handy little "two-step" process to help you best communicate your thoughts.

  • "7" Marketing Lessons that you won't want to miss!
    They come to you compliments of Corey Rudl. The man walks his talk. He has four successful companies operating exclusively on the internet and enjoys 6,000,000 visitors annually. Having taken his "Insider Secrets" Internet Marketing Course myself, I can say if you are at all serious about trying to personally market your business on the internet, pay close attention to what he has to say here!

  • The Greatest Marketing Secret Of All - by Michel Fortin
    Michael talks about the importance of build credibility and relationships with your customers. Marketing expert Jack Trout once wrote... "Marketing is not a battle of products, but of perceptions."  If people perceive that doing business with you has an implicit added value, especially when compared to your competitors that are fiercely fighting for your market's attention, you will often end up with their confidence (and their repeat and referral business) as a result.

  • Guerilla Marketing Tactics for the New Millennium
    Jay Conrad Levinson gets you to think just a little differently, outside the box if you will. Rather than fighting in the mainstream of noisy advertising, all clamouring for our attention, Jay gives us a jump start in the way we think. He fine tunes our ability to attract new clients, without spending a fortune on advertising.

  • Mastery Series - The Road to Success - by Michael Campbell
    Welcome everyone to the "Road to Success" from Internet Marketing Secrets. What I'm about to share with you is a series of articles, The Mastery Series. It's the path I followed, trail blazed by my mentors, which quickly became my road to success. - (Highly recommended!)

  • How To Ignite The Explosive Power of Questions Under Your Business
    The power of the human mind is incredible! How can you tap this awesome potential? By using questions. The brain responds every time to questions. Ask yourself a question and your brain automatically starts considering the answer. Some answers come quickly - the obvious ones. Others require pondering, concentration, thought! The results from questions that generate this kind of thinking can turn your business around, absolutely!

  • Profiting From Ezines and Discussion Lists
    There are well over 100,000 email newsletters and discussion lists on just about every topic you can think of - and if we had to pick just one we would have to say that email marketing tops our list of favorite Internet marketing strategies. From establishing your presence as an expert in your industry, to networking with other marketers, promoting products and services, and building relationships - you can do it all with email.

  • The Real Gold Is In the List
    Are you a one shot, hit-and-run marketer, or do you appreciate that the real gold in business is in the list? Rather than focus on one-shot deals, savvy marketers realize the value of a good list, and seek ways to expand and derive more value from theirs.

  • The 3 Musts of Pre-Selling Your Offers
    When looking at the task of promoting your offers, no matter what they may be, it helps to understand what this task truly involves. Because most, if not all of your promotions are to generate highly targeted, qualified "eyeballs" for your "selling Web site", your salesman in print, it is understandable that you must create the needed ... 1. Interest; 2. Education; 3. Desire

  • 'One...Two...Three...Profit' - by Terry Dean
    Most people are overwhelmed when they first start marketing online. There are so many things to learn and so many different gurus teaching different techniques that it is almost impossible to figure out what to do. You may just want to throw up your hands in total frustration and quit BUT it doesn't have to be like this!

  • Don't Play Follow The Leader
    The Internet marketing machine is like a large information freight train running out of control, 99 miles an hour down a dead end street. There is so much information and misinformation it's getting harder and harder to tell the difference. To make things even more difficult to understand, what works and what doesn't work today is changing all the time.

  • Where's The S.E.X. in Your Business?
    It's absolutely amazing how SEX sells! I'm always amazed how many businesses, such as Coca Cola, Mercedes, Sony, etc., use sex appeal in their ads, to sell their products. Ever wondered why? When you add the element of sex appeal, you add the element of emotion, and most people buy for emotional reasons than any other reason.

  • Profits Vault Free Report
    This free report will show you How to Sell 300% More of YOUR Product in 72 Hours Than You Did All Month. Discover the jealously guarded Insider Secrets and Resources so valuable that they had to be locked in a vault. How to Turn Any Web Site into an Instant Cash Machine which Automatically produces its own hits, makes its own sales, processes its own orders, and practically takes care of itself...without spending a penny!

  • How To Find Out What Your Prospects Want
    Who wouldn't love to have a crystal ball to see the future? Can you imagine an easier life as an Internet Marketer if you knew before hand what your prospects are looking for? Instead of "pushing" pages, and see what "sticks", you'd concentrate your efforts on developing Web pages they WANT to READ! Web pages containing information RELEVANT to what they're LOOKING for!

  • Internet Marketing Expert Can't Give Away $100 Bills!
    Where were you when the teacher was giving out the valuable, life-changing lessons? If you missed school that day, don't worry. Chances are, they couldn't have been as life-changing as the lesson one Internet marketer learned while trying to give away $100 bills. This issue of Killer Tactics Journal will tell you his story.

  • Recognizing Internet Marketing - by Michel Fortin
    The demand for marketers in the hi-tech field is growing by leaps and bounds. Not only is the Internet growing but the demand for Internet-savvy marketers is in a state of hypergrowth as well. Thus, Internet marketing is becoming an area of greater importance, especially among academic circles.

  • How To Create A Strategic Web Advertising Campaign
    The internet is fast becoming a required component in every advertising campaign. So, what is the best way to advertise on the internet? The answer to that question depends on why you are advertising. Do you want to build a brand, increase traffic or sell a product?

  • CRM in SmallBiz: disappointing misconceptions
    In the last few months there has been quite a lot of discussion on CRM (customer relationship management) solutions in the forums and ezines. Although it is extremely positive that people finally started to talk about the one concept that will make the future of a business successful or unsuccessful, there are quite a few misconceptions about the term. Those misconceptions make people lose time and energy finding solutions in areas they should not be even searching, instead in concentrating on the really important things.

  • Would You Rather Be Rich or Famous?
    Publicity starts with a news release. The news release is one of the world's best marketing tools, but is also that wretched thing that often shatters the hopes of all who dare to seek publicity. But stick with me and I'll show you how to get the upper hand that will put you far ahead of all others who have tried and failed.

  • 14 Marketing Myths That Can Hurt You
    In this article, I am going to discuss some of the myths that I am constantly dealing with -- and the realities behind them! Knowing the reality is critical to your Internet marketing health and success ... So read on! - Condensed from the IMC Private Website

  • Autoresponder Courses: The Automated Marketing Tool
    Autoresponders, also known as mailbots, automatic email and email on demand were derived from the very popular fax on demand and designed to automatically respond to any email message it receives with an automatic response. This powerful technology is currently being used by some of the top online marketers to reach thousands of potential customers.

  • If You Can't Beat Them... Join Them!
    What do Internet marketers Rick Beneteau, Jim Daniels, and Marlon Sanders, and Mark Enlow have in common? They have all made their personal fortunes as authors of top-selling ebooks! When Stephen King brought in $450,000 in a mere three days with the recent release of "Riding the Bullet", he made it clear that ebooks SELL!

  • Integrity... the Glue to Prosperity
    All of our visions of grandeur begin with putting ourselves together first. Integrity ensures that you will succeed. And, let me point out, integrity allows you to make mistakes. Because if you have integrity, you can deviate from your course, yet still see the error of your ways, self-correct, and find your way back. I liken integrity to "true north". True north never changes. People do.

  • Writing a Winning Email Newsletter
    Email newsletters are one of the fastest growing communication/marketing tools today. In addition to being a dynamic, affordable marketing tool, they are also one of the best ways to promote a web site and give you and your clients an excuse to capture valuable data to use for other marketing campaigns however, email newsletters aren't just printed newsletters delivered electronically.

  • A Press Release, A Media Kit and A Jug of Wine - by Angie Dixon
    What is a media kit and how do you use it? Basically, it's just what it sounds like--a "kit," or set of materials, to tell the media about you. At the minimum it should contain a company profile (a "bio" of the company), a bio of you, and a company fact sheet with more detailed information. Ideally, it will have much more information, including a sample product if possible, a promotional item, and clips of previous media coverage.

  • The Truth About Branding for Publishers
    Branding, or brand marketing as some now call it, is one of the buzzwords of public relations and marketing. I searched several dictionaries in vain for a precise definition of this high profile concept as it is applied in the business world. The closest I got was the one that explained the verb "to brand" as "to impress firmly." This is the very essence of what branding in business is.

  • How To Win The Affiliate Game
    Over-selling is the most common mistake of affiliates. Keep in mind that all you need to do to succeed with affiliate programs is to get your potential customer to click through to the affiliate website in an 'open-to-buy' mindset. Michael Southon gives you timely tips to help increase your affiliate sales.

  • Putting People In A Buying Mood
    To succeed as a "affiliate program" marketer you will need to learn one essential skill. It is a skill has nothing to do with SPAM campaigns, posting to FFA pages, or placing FREE Classified Ads. In fact these "marketing" techniques are usually counterproductive. Why? Because they waste valuable time that could be using on more productive efforts.

  • Build Your Business with Strong Brands ...not a Mountain of Cash
    If you're involved in marketing in any way, shape of form, you've heard the term "branding" but you probably couldn't define it. And if Regis asked you "Is that your final answer?" you'd probably take your money and run rather than risk losing your cash. Branding is important because it makes sales easier!

  • Maximizing Your Internet Marketing Strategies
    Developing a successful Internet marketing strategy is the key to your online success. You must develop and implement both short-term and long-term marketing strategies to bring a continuous flow of targeted traffic to your web site.

  • The Christmas Sales Letter that Got a Whopping 35% Response
    This sales letter was sent to all customers and prospects last year. I sent the message in the first week of December, when most people are actually starting to think about the holiday season. I encourage you to study this sales letter, emulate it, and send something like it to your customers, prospects and everyone on your opt-in lists. If you follow this sample, I know you'll make some decent money from your email direct marketing this year.

  • Why Newbies Are Afraid To Build A Website
    If you want to increase your business - no matter how technical your product - have your Website copy, help files and tutorials read out loud by a Newbie. You'll be amazed at what you learn!

  • How Best To Manage and Distribute Your Messages
    Doing business over the net is growing at incredible rates and email marketing is becoming a 'given' element of many marketing campaigns. It should come as no surprise that tools to help us manage our email lists and distribution are becoming increasingly important. The challenge in incorporating email marketing into a campaign is determining what type of email service best suits your business needs, today and in the long-term.

  • The Success Doctor™'s Targeting Model
    Michel Fortin explains his Targeting Model, (a format to follow when targeting any market or audience, or while engaged in any targeting activity) and illustrates it's use with real life examples.

  • Mini-Sites - Highly Targeted Sales Generators
    If you're looking for a highly effective method of increasing your Internet sales, then mini-sites may be your answer. Mini-sites are one of the most effective marketing tools online. Not only are they effective, but they're also very inexpensive and easy to create.

  • First Contact
    Easily one of the most common questions I get when I talk to people about doing business online is this: "If I can't send them bulk email, how am I supposed to get in touch with potential business partners?" Usually the question is asked in a belligerent, "Who do you think you are telling me what I can and can't do online?" tone. My response is simple: "I'm just telling you what won't work. Would you like to know what will?

  • The Triggers of Success
    A desire to buy something often involves a subconscious decision. Knowing the subconscious reasons why people buy, and using this information in a fair and constructive way, will trigger greater sales response... often far beyond what you could imagine.

  • Dependence - The Key to Success!
    Whether you are just getting started doing business on the Internet, or are a seasoned professional, "Dependence" is one aspect of Internet Business that will always stay at the top of the "Essential Skills" list!

  • Automate Your Sales and Marketing Efforts
    Achieve your goals quicker and more cost-effectively. Put the Web's #1 automated database building, contact management and automated email response system to work for you. Stop spending every free moment you have on your PC, working on the mechanics and put your business on "Auto-Pilot!"

  • Put Your Business On Autopilot!
    Your time is valuable! Why do mundane tasks that your computer or that computer software can do? Here are eight ways to make your life easier, by putting some aspects of your business on "autopilot".

  • Internet Marketing Strategies - 10 Parts
    Developing a successful marketing strategy is an essential part of your online success. In order to succeed, you must develop and implement a strategic plan that includes all of the following... Developing Your Product, Designing Your Product's Website, Writing Effective Website Sales Copy, Accepting Payment Through Your Website, Setting Up Your Affiliate Program, Paying For Traffic, Purchasing Advertising, Building An Opt-in List and Customer Follow-up.

  • How To Test Classified Ads in Ezines
    In most cases, an Internet businesses' primary problem is getting traffic to their web site. This can be resolved simply by doing the right type of advertising to target the type of customer you need to purchase your product or service. You need to get targeted traffic to your website, in the quantity you will be satisfied with, and you need buyers not surfers.

  • Insider Secrets To Success Online
    Learn the Insider Secrets Yanik Silver used to create and promote his latest product, 'Autoresponder Magic.'

  • Three Ways to Get Repeat Sales With Follow-up Marketing
    Actively pursuing repeat sales, also known as backend sales, is one of the most profitable things you can do for your small business. Learn these three ways to get repeat sales with follow-up marketing.

  • Pin The Tail On The Web Marketing Donkey
    Jimmy Brown gives you 6 quick LAWS to LIVE BY if you really want to stop walking around blindly online and finally find the promised success you've been reading about...

  • 5 Keys to Copywriting for Site Visitors and Search Engines
    When it comes to writing your Web site copy, you must balance the needs of your target audience with search engine optimization. Here are the 5 keys to help you succeed with both site visitors and search engines.

  • How a Targeted Linkage Campaign Compares to an SEO Campaign
    Today both targeted linkage and search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns require an investment. Want to know where you'll get the most bang for your buck? The answer is...

  • Diversify to Survive
    Protect yourself in this dynamic and volatile dot-com environment by diversifying your product and service offerings to generate multiple streams of income.

  • Ten Marketing Mistakes Small Businesses Make
    How do you judge the effectiveness of your small business marketing efforts? Easy...does it produce results? Great looking ads, fancy logos and flashy web sites are worthless if they don't bring business to your door. This list of 10 common marketing mistakes can help you produce better results.

  • Be Credible to be Incredible
    Along with the increasing population of new online businesses, as well as the recent wave of "dotbombs" and online scams, the competitive nature of the Internet will simply make the need to establish credibility an even more important issue. And in order to establish it, one must *communicate* it.

  • If It Ain't Broke, DON'T FIX IT!
    Creativity is the Mother of invention, and necessary to the advancement of all things, But, when it comes to business... "If it ain't broke, Don't fix it!" You can tweak it a little, but don't mess with success!

  • Using A Strong Risk Reversal Closes More Sales
    When you minimize risk in purchasing decisions a lot more people are willing to say "yes". Once they sample your product or service, if it performs as you say, most customers will keep that product and continue buying again and again...

  • Five Powerful Techniques that Produce Unstoppable Sales
    These five powerful techniques are the most powerful marketing strategies in the world bar none. You stand a good chance of increasing sales so much that you may experience order fulfillment challenges...

  • Stick Me with a Brand Then Put Me Out to Cyber-Pasture
    One of the big buzzwords of the binary revolution is Branding. But branding has, and always will be, the most powerful ingredient to successful selling on or offline.

  • 3 Critical Steps To Building The E-trust Factor
    Trust is everything on the internet. It doesn't matter whether you are selling brownies or monster trucks, here is how you can begin the process of building trust with your website viewers and potential customers.

  • Top 7 Reasons to Review your Web Traffic Analysis
    Understanding your Website's traffic logs is a crucial component of your online marketing mix. It tells you what your visitors do, of their own volition, so it's "market research that cannot lie."

  • Marketing on the Internet
    Does your web site deliver traffic to your business? Marketing your business over the Internet is a specialized skill and requires careful preparation of your material in consideration of the particular requirements of the medium.

  • An Interview With Sam Robbins
    Learn how to Take Care of YOUR Advertising Budget and SAVE Big Money in this revealing interview with one of the TOP web marketing people online...

  • How To Use the Multiplier Effect in Web Marketing
    One of the most exciting things about doing business online is the Multiplier Effect. It's the principal factor behind some of the fortunes that have been made on the Internet. Learn how to put the Multiplier Effect to work for you...

  • The Big Bang Publicity Campaign
    Famous is as famous does and the famous get known through publicity. Yes, that's right, fame doesn't discover you, you create it through strategic campaigning. What's more, the techniques for increasing your exposure are not as difficult to attain as you might think...

  • The Hypnotic Power of Confusion
    Joe Vitale is recognized by many to be one of the greatest living copywriters. This article discusses a technique Joe uses to stop your brain in its tracks. It makes you pause. It makes you focus on ME. The theory is that once you stop someone with a confusing line, you can then implant a hypnotic command right after it.

  • Create, Replicate and Proliferate
    Generally, the viral marketing concept is to proliferate the knowledge of your existence on the Web through other people's efforts -- be it through word-of-mouse, referrals, replicable files, link popularity, affiliate programs, joint ventures and so on. Here we take a look at networking systems, replicable files and leveraged links...

  • What To Sell Online in 2002
    Save yourself a whole lot of time and money with the down-to-earth strategies and product considerations Jim Daniels shares with you here...

  • 7 Ways To Make Money With Your Ezine
    Turn your ezine into a money machine with these proven strategies given by Jason Potash...

  • Publicity-Producing Posts Pull People
    Search engines change all the time, and many of them now charge for the privilege of including your website. So, people often ask me HOW TO GAIN TRAFFIC, beyond search engines and with little to no cost. There are two methods that I've used consistently to attract thousands of hits to my website...

  • How to Write A Follow Up Message
    Smart marketers know that follow up autoresponders drive sales. But, many don't know how to write the e-mail messages they need in order to use these tools. Don't let that keep you from increased profits! Write masterful messages with these simple steps...

  • How to Structure A Follow Up Series
    Marketers the world over use follow up autoresponders to increase sales. But, many struggle to write a compelling message series. Don't let that keep you from your share of the profits! Print and follow these instructions; you'll soon be following up with finesse...

  • Marketing/Promotion "Tip of the Week"

Conversations with Millionaires
Learn The Money Making Secrets That Created A Billion Dollar Empire! That's right. If you act fast during this special offer, you can grab a FREE chapter out of "Conversations with Millionaires"! Go ahead...test drive it for yourself...FREE! - highly recommended

Instant Internet Profits
If you're looking for a complete, step-by-step blueprint to Internet success you've got to check this out. You could waste months (and thousands of dollars) - trying to figure out what really works on the Internet. Or you could save yourself the frustration, time and mistakes by following Yanik's lead.

Instant Sales Letters
This package contains a ton of the most powerful sales letter templates I have ever seen for just about every industry and business situation you can think of. All you need to do is pick the template that fits your situation, fill in the blanks, and you have an instant sales letter written by a sales copy professional!

The Swipe File
Finally, advanced Internet marketing tactics for online business owners who have "been there, and done that." If you're tired of ebooks and manuals that offer the same re-hashed Internet marketing advice, get ready to be inspired with something new. Monique Harris, co-author of the bestselling ebook Make Your Knowledge Sell, has compiled 17 simple - yet extremely powerful - online marketing strategies. These are the exact same strategies used by her clients to increase their profits. And now you can have complete access to them.

NetMark Pro Global Affiliate Network
NetMark Pro is the World Leader in Internet Based Network Marketing. NetMark Pro's lead product (one of many) for the NetMark Pro Affiliate Program is the RecruitOMatic - the New Way Network Marketing is Done! You can now offer network marketers their OWN $500,000 Online, self-replicating business building system with Flash Intro, Online Presentation, automated lead generation, distribution and tracking system, industry leading training. And it can be a TREMENDOUS PROFIT center for you as well!

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Receive free monthly marketing updates, tools, tips and strategies to help your online business succeed. Get immediate access to our bonus ebooks AND 150+ back issues.

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