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SubmitPlus Site Test
The folks at SubmitPlus have just introduced a wonderful site testing service. You can Test your loading speed, test your meta content, test for broken links, test your web site design and test your site's interactivity. When you are done testing your web site you can promote it to their database of 110 search engines and directories, all for free!

Web Master Courses
FREE online web master courses compliments of Learn Dreamweaver, Flash, Front Page, Photoshop, Javascript, Hot Metal, etc. Print out the PDF files and learn at your speed.

CoolText is a totally free online service which provides real-time generation of graphics customized exactly the way you want them. You can create flashy banners, buttons, text for your website or presentations and all for free.

Here's where to go to reduce the size of your images. Keeping your image sizes small helps your page load faster. This tool compresses your images, and gives you a number of results to choose from. This tool compresses both static and animated banners too. Select either GIF Cruncher or JPEG cruncher depending on the format of your image.

This is a neat little program that will help you draw a quick Flowchart, Org Chart, Web Graphic or Business Presentation. It's easy to use and it's free.

Good Keywords
You already know how important good keywords are to your web pages... But how do you find the best keywords for your web pages? How do you know what other people are searching? Good Keywords is a life saver that will help you choose the best set of keywords for your site. It uses the clues provided by search engines like GoTo, Direct Hit and Lycos to build a suitable keyword set. Once you are done, a simple click will get you the required keyword meta tag... ready to be pasted into your HTML file.

Nameboy is the first "intelligent" domain name creation and location site. You enter a primary and a secondary word to work with, select the type of site you have, and whether or not you want to turn on the rhyming feature, then let 'r rip! It works like one of those children's books that allows you to play with multiple head, body, and leg combinations. NameBoy displays various name combinations in three columns: available names, taken names, and for sale names. You'll laugh at some of the possible permutations. I inserted "biz" as a primary word and "small" as my the secondary word, and came up with seven pages of combinations, including "," "," "" (that one won't last), etc. The longest list by far was names for sale, held by domain name speculators with dollar signs in their eyes, the first of which was "" These crazy searches are free.

E-gineer Domainator
Domainator allows you to put together several words of your own choosing. Then it searches a series of databases and finds available domains with combinations of these words, domains that have been taken already, including the various hyphenated combinations in .com, .net. org, and .cc. Next it checks the US Patent and Trademark Office database for any trademarks where all your words are used together. It searches for a thorough definition, with hyperlinked synonyms for each definition. Next it translates your words into a dozen or so foreign languages, shows various combinations of the words, and finally lists rhymes for each of the words. All this is displayed on one page you could print out. Wow! If you're researching various word combinations for a business name, Domainator can stimulate your thinking in lots of directions. The service is free.

Postmaster 2000
Take a moment from your busy schedule to learn about this powerful database marketing software for your PC. Finally, a user friendly and effective software along with a 30 day RISK FREE money back guarantee! Find out for yourself how to make more sales with less effort for whatever you're selling and we're not talking about bulk email. Click here for Startup Internet Marketing's complete "Postmaster Support Services". We teach you how to legitimately and automatically build your database and market to them like the top professionals. Postmaster does the rest for you. Now shipping with the new "Incoming Email Solutions" module included free.

Paypal has finally expanded internationally. This an online money transfer service which I have been a fan of for a long time. You can now send and receive money, at no cost to you, through PayPal from countries such as Australia and Canada. Just watch PayPal explode over the coming months from its current user base of four million.

Free Translation Service
Add translation to your website with Systran's Translation Service. This technology, known as "Babel Fish", offers two-way translation in five different languages produces the most accurate results of anything similar on the net. These days, if you can't communicate in more than one language, you're at a definite disadvantage. The Internet and today's economy are becoming increasingly global, so you'll need to communicate with people from all around the world.

Net Mechanic
Give Your Site a FREE tune-up once a month with this amazing service. Check your links, HTML, page load time, spelling, and more! Speed up your Web site with their GIFBot tool. Fat graphics are the leading cause of long download times. Let GIFBot slim your graphics without loss of image quality!

Response-O-Matic Form Processor
Here's the deal: first you create your forms in HTML. Then have your form call this service. The information your visitors enter in your forms will be automatically E-mailed to you. There's no coding and no hassles and you don't need to know Perl, Java or have access to your server's CGI bin.

Alertra Web Site Monitoring Services
ALertra offers Free 30-day Trial Web site monitoring and failure notification from their global network. Premium services check your site up to once a minute. Get current status from a browser or WAP phone. Access detailed logs and receive weekly summary reports.

Free Search Tips
Access free search engine submission services on our "Search Tips" page. This area features other search related tools and services as well as numerous reports by many of the top search engine specialists. Don't miss "Search Engine Tactics," an E-Book that you can either read online or download if you like. (Recommended - ZDNet Editors Pick!)

Make Your Price Sell
Would you like to know what your customers are willing to pay? Want to know the perfect price for your product/service to maximize income? Now you can! Read more about how to find the perfect price for your product offering. Is your price right? Find out now! - NOTE: This is not a free service BUT certainly worthwhile checking out!
However, by clicking on this link and submitting the blank email, you will receive the free "Pricing Masters Course"... It's an intensive 5-Day e-mail course that shows you how to find the PERFECT PRICE for your product.

EMAIL TIPS! - Free Email Tips, Accounts and Services
We now have a special section devoted to email tips. You'll find a directory of the "best" free email accounts available, ones we have used and have been around for a while. Most of these email accounts are portable. A collection of must-read articles relating to email are listed here as well as links to a few free autoesponders and more...

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