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Download any of these free ebooks... We are constantly adding to our list so be sure to check back with us from time to time. Pressing "CTRL+D" will bookmark this page!   back to page-1

  • Rebrand Profits
    The ultimate system for making money with affiliate programs. Rarely taught and rarely used techniques that the most innovative minds have created to help you earn more profits with your affiliate programs and resell rights products in less time and with less effort. download now - (585K)

  • E-Book Submitter!
    This ebook is designed for E-book authors looking for places to sell their content. The list of E-book stores and publishers presented here accept submissions from independent authors. Their contracts are non-exclusive, meaning you have the right to sell your work elsewhere as well. You will find submission guidelines and instructions, royalty payment rates, accepted genre, contract preview links, and more for each bookstore and publisher. download now - (976K)

  • Cash Flow eBusiness eBook ™
    This eBook covers the most fundamental principals of promoting any business, product or service on or off the Net. You get the basic and proven tactics on Search Engines, Free Publicity and Writing Ad Copy. You will receive life-time upgrades to this ebook. download now - (1.4M)

  • Ezines: A Complete Guide to Publishing (by Shelley Lowery)
    This is a complete guide to creating a professional looking ebook. Shelly talks about how important it is to build credibility and relationships. Ezines are extraordinary tools for accomplishing just that. If you'd really like to learn how to create your own ebook, then this is a MUST read. Not only can you download this powerful ebook jam packed with valuable information completely free, but you may also freely distribute it. download now - (562K)

  • Affiliate Marketing 101
    The future of Internet commerce is affiliate marketing. And it's here now. This is a free, easy-to-understand, yet comprehensive guide to Affiliate Marketing. Authors Wayne and Kim L. T. Porter have made what is often perceived as complex, quite simple. download now - (418K)

  • The Science of Getting Rich
    Timeless wisdom and a practical, step-by-step prosperity program from a forgotten 1910 classic. You already have within you everything you need to turn your dreams into reality. You are a person of infinite worth and unique possibility. Even if you don't think of yourself as a creative person, and even if you've failed before, and even if you think you've tried everything, open your mind to this book. - View in PDF format now!

  • The Affiliate Masters Course - (Ken Evoy).
    Ken is so far ahead of the competition, that his techniques represent the future of internet marketing, which is exactly where you need to be! He is clearly one of the best in his field. This is an ebook version of an intensive e-mail course on becoming a high-earning affiliate champion. I recommend you take advantage of this offering and download now - (480K)

  • The InfoProduct Masters Course (Ken Evoy)
    This is the second ebook Ken has made available on yet another of his intensive e-mail courses. This course is on creating, producing and online-selling your very own infoproduct and again I highly recommend it if you are considering selling an "infoproduct" from your website. After you've studied his first course I'm sure you'll be jumping at the bit to read this one even if you're not quite ready to produce and sell your own infoproduct as the education alone is worth your time spent reading it. - download now - (482K)

  • The Handbook of E-Zine Publishing
    The Handbook of E-Zine Publishing is full of practical information and tips to help you write and publish your own E-zine. It covers preparation, planning, production, publishing, promotion and profits. Read it online now!

  • eBook Marketing Explained!
    eBooks can be one of the most powerful methods of promoting and generating leads for your online business that you may ever know. This book explains how to market ebooks and is widely recognized by many as the most effective Internet marketing course on the market. This is MarketingEffect's flag-ship course and was written by Chayden A. Bates. You can download the first 3 chapters of this book as a free demo. download now - (406K)

  • Ecommerce Startup Kit - by Chris Yates
    The Ecommerce Startup Kit is a downloadable ebook in PDF format containing several step-by-step guides. These guides are designed to help you start your online business as quickly and as easily as possible. This is an excellent place to start with setting up a new online business. download now - (561K)

  • Unleash Your Internet Marketing Success
    This eBook contains 13 chapters of valuable strategies, techniques and solutions you can (and should) use to improve your home business. You have free distribution rights to this eBook meaning you can give as a gift to your Website visitors or as part of a bonus package so long as you do not charge for it and/or modify it in anyway. download now- (402K)

  • Ultimate Site Promotions
    If you are to make a sale online, it will be because something on your website prompted the customer to buy. This might be the content of the site, the product itself, the description of the product, or any number of other possibilities. The advertising you do will bring them to the site, but the site itself will sell your product or service...not the ad. When you design or update your website, keep this in mind. Keep it in the front of your mind when you are writing your ads as well...get them to the site, which translates to "Get them to come into the store!" download now - (1.0M)

  • The Ultimate Guide in Accepting Credit Cards
    If you want your business to have an online presence that will overpower your competition and give you a fair share of the billions of dollars spent online, then you must accept credit cards. It is known that if you want your business to step up to the next level, then you must accept them. How often do you like to mail a check in to buy something? Credit cards are fast and a big convenience for the consumer. Learning how to get a merchant account can be one of the hardest things to do online. There isn't a whole lot of helpful information available online that will walk you through everything there is to know about a merchant account and so forth. download now - (297K)

Related Reading: The Business of Ebooks
What are they exactly and how they can help you grow your business. Here are some important things to consider before writing and designing your own e-book. writing an e-book that has the potential to experience success is not easy work. You must put a lot of effort into it, but once you do, you'll have a flexible marketing tool that will work 365 days and nights a year for you.

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