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Email Tips

Junk Email Filters
If you are sending email to Hotmail or MSN, you might be interested in the criteria they use to block you. This page is a description of exactly which words Microsoft's filters look for and where the filter looks for them. Check them out here...

Secrets of BIG Growth and Profits for Your Business!
The only way to grow a business is to market it. And the secret to being able to grow your business and still run it at the same time is "automation"...

Email Deliverability Tips
Email deliverability is about ensuring requested opt-in email is delivered to the intended recipient. While no single tip will enable you to get 100% of your email delivered these tips utilized as a group can go a long way to reaching that goal...

The 5 Most Dangerous E-mail Marketing Myths
E-mail marketing has gone through a lot during the past 5 years or so. In the beginning, it was seen as the ultimate marketing tool -- inexpensive, instantaneous, and 100% measurable. How times have changed! Learn how some marketers manage to earn six-figure incomes (and higher) relying almost exclusively on email...

The Real Gold Is In the List
Are you a one shot, hit-and-run marketer, or do you appreciate that the real gold in business is in the list? Rather than focus on one-shot deals, savvy marketers realize the value of a good list, and seek ways to expand and derive more value from theirs.

Email Unlimited 5.0
The Easy Way to Send Rich HTML Messages to Your Customers. EmailUnlimited allows you to send emails with rich text and life pictures. They will look just like your real world stationary and brochures. Before sending messages, you can preview and modify your email in the integrated editor, and see how it will look like in your customers' mail boxes.

Eudora Pro 5.0
Industrial-Strength Email Software for Free. The new Eudora 5.0 offers three user-selectable modes, including a sponsor-supported mode that provides the full-featured stand alone email client for free. The Sponsored mode of Eudora includes all of the capabilities that were previously available only in the retail version of the product known as Eudora Pro®. Download the world's best email program now for FREE!

Postmaster 2000
Take a moment from your busy schedule to learn about a powerful database marketing software for your PC. Finally, a user friendly and effective software along with a 30 day RISK FREE money back guarantee! Find out for yourself how to make more sales with less effort for whatever you're selling and we're not talking about bulk email. Click here for Startup Internet Marketing's complete "Postmaster Support Services". We teach you how to legitimately and automatically build your database and market to them like the top professionals. Postmaster does the rest for you. Now shipping with the new "Incoming Email Solutions" module included free.

Let Mailloop explode the profits from your online business or newsletter without the usual headaches and growing pains using greakthrough software that'll run your business for you. Why waste hours every day repeating the same routines when Mailloop (an ingenious new piece of software) can do them all for you? Free up your time so you can grow your business, enjoy your profits, and never be a slave to time consuming chores, tasks, and routines.

Group Mail Free
This is the ultimate starting point for anybody who needs to communicate with groups and lists by email. Whether it be for announcing new products and services to your customers, delivering and managing newsletters, or simply staying in touch with family and friends - Group Mail Free will make the process effortless.  Limitations: * Personal Send Mode only and * Send to a maximum of 100 recipients at a time.

Email Marketing - How Best To Manage and Distribute Your Messages
Doing business over the net is growing at incredible rates and email marketing is becoming a 'given' element of many marketing campaigns. It should come as no surprise that tools to help us manage our email lists and distribution are becoming increasingly important. The challenge in incorporating email marketing into a campaign is determining what type of email service best suits your business needs, today and in the long-term.

If Cash Is King, Cashflow Is The Castle
Spamming is to cheat one's business out of much more in the long run. For example, I often -- and often passionately -- teach about the negative effects of spam. Unquestionably, spam is profitable in the short term. But like so many other marketers on the Internet these days, spammers think about cash instead of *cashflow*. - by Michel Fortin

How To Reach Millions VIA Email
The awesome potential of email marketing is the only real "secret" that you need to know when it comes to marketing your business online. And the only reason it can be called a secret is because so many marketers just don't get it - the fact that email has always been, and still is, the most powerful online marketing medium of all.

Mailing List Management Mechanics
Once you've set up a web site, optimized it, and submitted it to search engines, one of the next steps is to start building your own in-house mailing list. You should invariably offer visitors the ability to subscribe themselves to it and they must be able to do so at least on the front page of your site. More important, they should be made aware of your mailing list if not have the ability to subscribe to it on the front page's top section or "above the fold." - by Michel Fortin

Profiting From Ezines and Discussion Lists
There are well over 100,000 email newsletters and discussion lists on just about every topic you can think of - and if we had to pick just one we would have to say that email marketing tops our list of favorite Internet marketing strategies. From establishing your presence as an expert in your industry, to networking with other marketers, promoting products and services, and building relationships - you can do it all with email.

Online Hype Is Getting Funnier
I am getting more and more 'be-a-millionaire-in-6-weeks' emails in my inbox. The Internet makes MLM hype travel faster; at least it's funnier than it used to be. I feel ready for another career change and reckon I've got what it takes to be an online MLM copywriter... :-)

Autoresponder Course
This Power Marketing ebook will teach you how to use the power of Autoresponders to triple your on-line sales, train your downline, and use them for a myriad of on-line communication possibilities. Download it Now! - (381K)

NamePlanet is offering free email accounts using your first and last name. So if your name is say, John Wellings then you can have an email address like this: or if your name is Laura Stevens, then you can have one like this: depending upon what are still available. You can be assured of getting an email that can easily be remembered and unique only to you. Get your firstname@lastname address for free at NamePlanet!

Visit our Tools Page for Free Autoresponders
An Auto Responder, in effect, is automated email. Made from a CGI Perl script, an auto responder will mail a customized response on request. Triggered by an email address, auto responders (aka mailbots or infobots) enhance customer service, save time, automate delivery and improve your image all at the same time.

Free Email Accounts

Your email account is the most powerful marketing tool there is, period. It's great to have a web based email account. It's especially good if you don't want to have email sent to your main email address at work or if you travel you won't need to connect to your provider to get your mail. You can get it from any computer connected to the Internet anywhere.

There are hundreds of places on the Internet where you can get a free email account, we list only the ones we have used and have been around for a while. Most of these email accounts are portable - you can check your email anywhere there is a computer connected to the Internet.
The internet messaging experts. Free private and secure access from anywhere. Never worry about others seeing your email. Individualized and Personalized. Choose from,, plus 100s more!

Juno is one of the few free e-mail services available that do not require you to have Internet access, You can install Juno Mail and have full Internet email abilities, there is no start-up or membership fees-no fees of any sort.

NET@DDRESS is free, permanent, portable email. It is Web-based, meaning that you don't have to buy or load any software to use it--all you need is a connection to the Internet.

Hot Mail
Hotmail has a multitude of easy to use features that you find in commercial email programs. Learn all about them!

Yahoo Mail
As a web-based email service, Yahoo! Mail is available from any net-connected computer. You do not need to login from the same computer every time you check your mail. Nor do you need to sign up again or transfer any files when you switch computers.

Do you ever need to email a large file? Get a free WhaleMail account you can send & recieve files as large as 50 megs.

Automate Your Sales and Marketing Efforts
Achieve your goals quicker and more cost-effectively. Put the Web's #1 automated database building, contact management and automated email response system to work for you. Stop spending every free moment you have on your PC, working on the mechanics and put your business on "Auto-Pilot!"

Free Email Address Directory
Still haven't found what you're looking for? lists over 700 free email service providers and has listings for services in 30 languages. They also feature email-related articles, resources to help you find the email address of family or friends, and hundreds of other free resources. - Recommended!

AWeber Systems - Discover How To Capture Hidden Profits!
Automated personalized follow up service for online businesses bring customers back to your website increasing sales dramatically, lowering costs, building lasting customer relationships, and increasing your web profits!

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