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Net Auctions as a Business

...Make Your Net Auction Sell  

As a business, Net auctions are truly a whole new kind of opportunity.

To sell at auction just a few years ago, you had to be a Sotheby's, a business liquidator, a car dealer... or some other kind of "traditional" business. Or pay them to do the job.

That all changed with the advent of...


No, we're not touting eBay here. In fact you don't even need eBay. That's just the tip (well, okay, it's the bigger end) of the Net auction iceberg.

The point is, everybody's heard of eBay. Auctions are mainstream now.

Let me repeat that... EVERYBODY's aware of the Internet auction arena.

It's a rapidly expanding field for business, full of opportunity for those who want -- and know how -- to take advantage of it.

A few years ago, this business didn't exist. Today, it's gangbusters!

In fact, of people using the Internet, 15% have used it for online auctions. That's almost as many as for online banking!

Of course, most are amateurs -- just buying one of something, selling one of those. Not all of them are running auction businesses.

And the ones who are running an auction business? Most are dabbling at it as much as the one-timers, learning by trial-and-error... which means most of them are still learning the ropes when they should be profiting regularly from their efforts.

That's not the best way to run a business, but till now it's been pretty much the only way. Because there wasn't one all-you-need resource available.

Till now.

Armed with Make Your Net Auction Sell, by Sydney Johnston, you can quickly learn to run an online auction business, profitably and efficiently.

MYNAS! is more than an introduction to a brand new e-biz opportunity. It's a down-and-dirty-no-holds-barred approach to capitalizing on the biggest and most exciting craze on the entire Internet - the Net Auction.

You'll start small (most likely). You'll test, learn, and grow. You'll experiment, even make a few educated mistakes. But you'll do it. With virtually no risk. And, with no hesitation, I'll make this fairly unusual outright promise... if you carefully follow the guidance in MYNAS!, you WILL succeed.

No, you won't get rich overnight.

But, just about anything is possible. If you follow Sydney's knowledgeable advice and apply your own thought, dedication and imagination, you will succeed and generate an income stream that reflects your effort.

What's more...

... you can really have fun at it !!!

...IF you understand how to go about it.

How to enjoy more profits, AND your business, too! Have fun! That's the heart of Sydney Johnston's message. And it's for very sound business reason. In her words,

"People who don't enjoy what they are doing usually don't have the stamina to stick it out."

Amen. And I don't think there's any business with so big an "enjoyment quotient" as the Net auction business (except maybe jobs like ice cream sampler, porch-rocker demonstrator, fishing boat tester and such... if you can get one of those, go for it!).

Stop daydreaming...

Consider the advantages of a Net auction business...
  • Targeted customers at your doorstep. The auction site does the job of attracting customers -- they're ready and waiting for you!

  • No start-up costs. Selling on a Net auction site costs virtually nothing up-front, extremely little in commission, and you don't even have to buy what you sell (I'll get to that part in a minute).

  • No financial risk. If you don't succeed at first (although, with Sydney's help, it will be hard not to), you are not out a bunch of cash.

  • Start up in Five Minutes! Yes, that quickly. I recommend you take a day to read through the book, and then go back to the beginning and follow Sydney's step-by-step, stage-by-stage advice. The actual mechanics of online auctioning are a genuine snap!

  • No special technical skills required. All you need is an Internet connection, and you're open 24/7. Even if your monitor and you are snoozing.

  • Work whenever you please. Set your own hours. And if you need to take time off from your business between auctions, you generally can. Any business requires a businesslike level of dedication and "stick-to-it-ness," but a Net auction business isn't like running a full-time online store. Being available to do repeat business is very important, but if necessary, you can open your doors just every-so-often.
That's 6 advantages of giving the auction biz a try. In MYNAS!, Sydney lists 17 advantages.

No other business gives you more flexibility - I'm talking personal and business-wise - than a Net auction business does!

And that flexibility is also one of the things that makes it...


Because the flexibility factor is also what lets you...

Find ideas that excite you. There's another vital reason why the Net auction phenomenon is so exciting, and that's this...

... In addition to being easy and flexible, there's something exceptionally vibrant and social about Net auctions.

Like the crossroads marketplace of long ago, the Net auction world is a colorful place where you find all classes of people, a multitude of languages, goods of every kind for sale. This is e-commerce sparkling with the energy of social interaction.

Net auctions bring people together... people in many different life roles... who are looking to buy things they really need, from whoever has those goods (and services) to sell.

The participants do business on a one-to-one basis (a very important concept in any business these days)... and with more protection for both sides than those old market-square traders could ever conceive of!

How do you see your role in the auction game?

It's entirely up to you. In the auction business, you can pick your course, focus on your passion, and follow your star... in fact, you'll be guiding that star with incredible nimbleness and control!

But first, stick out your foot, take the first step and learn to walk...

Start with the basics. Grow as you like. Making it in the Net auction business is a two-stage process...
  1. Learn what makes auctions work.
  2. Make auctions work for you.
The first half of Make Your Net Auction Sell! covers the "must-know" mechanics.

Taking nothing for granted, Sydney walks you through registering at the world's most popular auction site, eBay. The actual process takes barely more time than you'll take to read it -- just 5 minutes.

Then she shows you how to place a bid and (maybe) purchase something, just to get the feel of it.

In addition, learn about various types of auctions, the advantages and winning strategies for each.

Follow Sydney's instructions, and the only question you'll have is why you never did this sooner!

MYNAS! continues, showing in detail...
  • How to advertise like a pro, for maximum results
  • The mechanics of dealing with your buyer
  • How to ship... and if you like, how to avoid shipping altogether!
  • How to get paid without worry
  • Pitfalls and innocent mistakes to avoid
Net auctions require real work, just like any other *real* business. But the payback IS there. Big time... if you want it.

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