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Internet Marketing Center - Corey Rudl's monthly newsletter is essential for anyone endeavoring to promote their business on the internet. Features hundreds of promotional tips and tricks. Valuable back-issues are available here also. This one is as good as it gets folks!

The Success Doctor's Profit Pill ezine - Subscribe to this free monthly email newsletter with tips, editorials, articles from Michel Fortin and other successful online marketers as well as software links to help you build your business -- delivered straight to your inbox!

The Internet Marketing Newsletter - This is one of my favorite newsletters that I look forward to receiving weekly. I've learnt a great deal from Robert Smith at and I'm sure you will too.

1st Search Ranking - FREE Newsletter on Search Engine Positioning PLUS. The free 1st Search Ranking Newsletter is one of the most respected and recognized resources on search engine placement. Each issue of the newsletter contains the tips, tricks and techniques necessary to take your web site to the top of the search engines.

Ralph Wilson's Web Marketing Today - WMT is about marketing and is free. Ralph ignores the quick flash-in-the-pan stuff, writes totally original, well-researched material, and even throws in the most comprehensive collection of on-site articles that you'll find anywhere. Ralph has launched another e-zine, Doctor Ebiz... brief, no-nonsense answers to common questions...

Phil Wiley's All the Secrets - Six months ago, this would not have made the list. But Phil's newsletter has been improving by leaps and bounds. Even if I don't have the time, I STILL read it. Phil's the street fighter of the group. It's rough, raw, and fresh.

Bizweb eGazette - Wanna make a living online? Need more website traffic? More sales? BizWeb2000 shows you all this... for free! Jim Daniels is considered one of the top small business Internet consultants in the world today - certainly in my opinion, he is. Folks, this gentleman has been making a living from the internet since back in 1996...

ZDNet's Small Business Advisor - Interested in starting or managing your small business? Sign up for ZDNet's Small Business Advisor, a twice-weekly newsletter with news, advice and reviews geared towards small businesses.

ClickZ - A solid lineup of outstanding thinkers. I never miss what Joel Gehman has to say about managing affiliate programs, nor what Nick Usborne has to say about *ANYTHING* - Good reading!

SearchEngineWatch - Like Ralph, Danny Sullivan has a free and a paid e-zine. They are both invaluable. *THE* search engine resource. Solid, smart, plugged in. These two cover all you need to know about search engines.

AlertBox - Jakob Neilsen is the master of usability. 'Nuff said. (Short, sweet and clear... right Jakob?)

Jesse Berst's AnchorDesk - Jesse Berst consistently provokes me to think about the bigger picture. And he writes the best teasers in the business - for those of you who like to pull your readers to the site from your e-zines, watch how a master does it.

Larry Chase's Web Digest For Marketers - I read this to absorb "great use of the Net" sites. I'm always looking for concepts to adapt for our own use. Larry saves me hours of surfing my finding that sharp, cutting edge for me.

Sell It! E-Commerce Weekly - Got something to sell on the Net? Paul Lang's missive is indispensable. Each issue provides well-chosen news pieces, product reviews and smart articles.

eBoz - It's pretty hard to duplicate the incredible writing of Michael Wong. So eBoz is not quite as good as when he wrote it all by himself. But it's still a good, solid read.

The Promotion World Informer - This bi-weekly newsletter is packed full of tips, tricks, articles and ideas to help you promote your website, as well as a few web design tips thrown in every now and then for good measure.

Associates Program Newsletter - Tight, readable, and useful, Allan Gardyne is an original thinker who always delivers outstanding information. If you have any interest in the affiliate distribution model, this is *THE* must-read.

HTML Goodies Express - This newsletter covers everything you might ever want to know about HTML. They also offer a "Introductory Training Course" at their homepage.

Write101 - Your web pages are the first indication potential customers have about how professional you are. Do your customers see a carefully written, clear presentation of your business? Or are they left confused by writing which lacks focus? Do they see spelling mistakes and other errors? has over a hundred articles on ways to improve your writing. Subscribe to their FREE, weekly Writing Tips!

Leading Edge Newsletter - Make it BIG in Net Marketing Subscribe to Weekly Leading Edge Newsletter. This report is sent out weekly to around 43,000+ highly motivated net entrepreneurs.

WebProNews - The Newsletter for Webmasters by Webmasters is an optional daily newsletter.

The Online Marketing Letter - by Johnathon Mizel
If you want to make more sales with your Web site, the same way we did, then here's some great news! Discover how to improve your Web site's profitability with simple, proven techniques and brand new tools. Instantly generate more leads and sales. We've tried it and it works! - Not a Freebie BUT well worth Checking Out!

Subscription-Service - is a completely free, 100% opt-in, targeted email information service designed to help you find what you're looking for on the net.

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    I've come to realize just how important the newsletters to which I subscribe are for me and my business. Frankly, you must admit there has never been as much free information and valuable resources all in one place, as online ezines provide. When the gurus talk about this being the time of a "goldrush" on the internet, they're not kidding! - Feb, 2001

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