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Killer Secrets For Ranking High

Have you ever wondered how the major search engines position your site? When you search "B2B" or "Business-to-Business" on AltaVista, you can see our website,, in the Top Ten listings. How did we do that? I'd like to share some of my experiences with you. After years of website promotion, I've come up with the following rules which have proven to be effective for us.

Here's a list of what you want to do:

   <meta http-equiv="keywords" content="keyword1,keyword2,keyword3">
   <meta http-equiv="description" content="a brief introduction to your website">
   <meta http-equiv="robots" content="index">
   <meta http-equiv="revisit-after" content="15 days">
   <meta http-equiv="author" content="web design firm name and URL">
   <title> Keywords - your website and company name </title>

* Identify and display your real Keywords in a priority order. The keywords must relate to your business and service scope. Never misspell them. The secret is to review the Top 10 sites that appear under keywords that fit your website. Study their titles, Meta tags, keyword density, alt image tags etc. before defining your own keywords.

* Keep Meta tag content to a maximum of 1000 characters. Most search engines will simply ignore the excess characters.

* Avoid using words like "Free, the Best, the only" and so on to describe your site.

* Always use your Keywords in the title of each web page.

* Use Alt tags in the first image on your website, and fill it with several important keywords in priority order.

* Avoid using frames when designing a website.

* Use to do a site analysis, then correct site deficiencies.

* Re-submit your website every two months.

Now, here's a list of things you don't want to do:

   * Never hide invisible text on your website

   * Never use misleading keywords in your Meta tags that have nothing to do with the site.

   * Never try scamming search engines by writing bogus site descriptions.

   * Never use the same keywords more than 3 times.

I usually spend hours identifying and analyzing website keywords and developing meta tags for each site I design. If you really want your website to rank high, you must study and understand the rules of each search engine.

Yahoo, for example, has very specific rules that you must follow in order to get listed. If your site is still under construction, then don't submit because they never accept websites that are not ready for viewing. If you have already submitted your site to Yahoo, then wait patiently. It takes at least six weeks for Yahoo surfers to review your site. If your site is well designed and has quality content, it will eventually be listed in the appropriate categories you have chosen. It might even take up to six months to get your site reviewed by a real person at Yahoo. Do not keep re-submitting your site to Yahoo. If you lack patience, Yahoo offers its Business Express service which charges $199. They guarantee to review and respond within 7 days. However, they don't guarantee to list your website.

Since Yahoo receives thousands of site submissions on a daily basis, it's said they only list sites that are professionally designed with good and useful content. Websites using free website hosting services or that simply have a bunch of website links are rarely getting listed. If you are serious about your business, get a domain name and have your website designed by professionals. Yahoo is the most popular search engine and directory and getting listed with them is important.

Review your site ranking about two or three months after your initial submission. If necessary, modify your site keywords and then re-submit.

Brian Su, President and Senior Consultant. SmarTech Laboratory, Inc. specializes in business website design and marketing. For more free resources and tools, please visit his B2B Resources Center at

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