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The Creative Link To Business Success

When the going gets tough, the tough get creative. That is how that clichť should realistically read. The fact is that for most really successful people, creativity plays a huge part. If you can pull your right brain and your left-brain into conference, itís likely you will be able to propel your business to success.

So, how do you apply creativity as it applies to business? First, you believe that you have the creativity to utilize in the first place. Many business people become so bottom-lined oriented, they forget to use their other resources to create dynamic results. We are all creative; the question is simply how to utilize your own unique creative skills.

Put yourself in the creative arena by doing the following:

1. First and foremost, donít compare your creativity with those of another. Many young people assume their ideas are dumb, when really they are insightful and fresh. Donít put your mental creative genius down until you have given it a chance to work. You might just discover that your ideas become the new cutting edge in your industry.

2. Use your left-brain to spark your right brain. In other words when you are creatively stuck, do a left brained activity to spur your right brain. Washing dishes, filing, organizing books are all left brain activities that will get your creative right brain moving.

3. Ask for a dream. If a particular problem is at hand, sleep on it. Creative cures occur first in the subconscious. So when you go to bed, mentally hand over the problem to your subconscious to figure out. Donít be surprised if the answer comes to you in the middle of the night. Keep a notebook handy to jot down notes. Donít rely on your memory!

4. Read. Reading motivating books in your field of interest will stimulate new ideas and solve problems that seemed previously insurmountable. Not only does reading educate, it also stimulates your brain into ever increasing creativity.

5. Write. Writing allows you to pour out your frustrations so that you can begin to create. Having a bad day? Write about it? All tied into knots about something, write about it. By getting all that gunk out of your system you free up your mental space to create.

6. Keep an idea notebook. Every new idea leads to the generation of other new ideas. Just ask any fiction writer. When a fiction writer is deep into the writing of their manuscript they are constantly assaulted by new ideas that tempt them to new projects before the old one is done. They learn the discipline of writing those ideas in a notebook and continuing on the course. The principle here is that writing down your ideas will generate more ideas. It is said that one in ten ideas has the potential to make the originator a millionaire.

7. Donít be creative in a closet. Creativity needs to be nurtured. Put together a brainstorming group of professionals that you can bounce ideas off of. The very dynamics of a group will help solidify an idea and put it to good use. Helping others work out their creative ideas will also inspire new ideas for you to use.

Now apply these techniques to your product or service by doing the following:

  1. Set your product your service apart by creating a slogan. Something unique and catchy that sets you apart and makes you memorable. Study other slogans in your field to start the idea process. Use your notebook as you process these slogans. When the right one hits, you will know it.

  2. Market with creativity. Learn to access your prospects and creatively address their needs. Talk with them and build rapport, then set out to wow them with something unique and special about why your product will make their liveís better.

  3. Write in your own voice first. If you donít feel like youíre the best writer in the world, at least get your ideas down on paper. When hiring a writer allow them to read your notes and get a feel for your voice. Make sure that any articles, web copy, etc. is written with your vein of creativity in mind.

  4. Pick at least one creative idea a week and try it. Improve your business or try a new promotional technique utilizing an idea from your notebook. Have confidence that one of these ideas will indeed hit the jackpot.

Creativity is a tool that we all possess. We just have to begin using it to improve it. Like your brain, like your muscles, creativity grows with use. It is the single most important tool that separates highly successful people from moderately successful people. Those that fail donít have a clue about it and even balk at the idea.

If in doubt, turn on your television and review the commercials. All are creative endeavours that started in someoneís brain. You have those same abilities, so put them to good use and watch your business flourish.


Dr. Bill Nieporte is editor of "The FreeAgentLifestyle Newsletter" and a founding member of the revolutionary FreeAgentPath with Mark Joyner, Joe Vital, and a list of several other extraordinarily creative marketers. You can learn more about the FreeAgent Lifesyle & Path Here:

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