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Digging Deeper For Your Content Sets You Apart

I've been preaching it for years... sharing helpful, original content can drive long-term success in online business. Even if you do not sell information products, an information rich website will help you attract more traffic and close more sales.

Content is the back-bone of most great websites, newsletters, and obviously information products, which means successful webmasters need to constantly come up with unique and original content -- not an easy task.

Today I'll show you a few techniques that make is easier...

We live in a sea of information. And information overload is an increasingly common complaint. Part of the complaint arises because we get hit with different headlines that point to the same content. That means we end up wasting time on things that have no added value. And that's a drag.

When you send content to your subscriber list or put up content on your site, you want to generate loyalty. So it's important that you have content others haven't seen a dozen times elsewhere.

Do you know how to dig deep for information from which to develop original and unique content?

Here are some ideas you can use to EASILY generate fresh content with a minimal amount of time and effort...

Let's say your niche it's horticulture.

So let's go exploring at Google and show you how it's done...

Google has lots of tools, even though most people only use the Google home page to search. By using six more tools they offer, you can get deep inside any topic, so you can share what you find.

1. Google lets you check the news.

As of this writing, there are more than 2,000 news items listed by Google on the word horticulture. I'll bet you could easily do a summary of some of these articles and create your own content.

But let's not stop there...

2. Google "groups" show you what people are talking about.

These groups are made up of folks who like to discuss *your* subject. So now you can go even farther. Look up horticulture in their groups. Now this information is potentially gold. Why? Because you can see what it is about horticulture that lots of folks are interested in. And that's what business is all about - solving other people's problems!

Think you might be able to do a little research and come up with a free or even a for-profit report that gives them what they want?

3. Research through text of books through Google.

Not only can you find books to help you with your research, you can actually search through the text of books on any topic. Not too many businesses go this deep, and this angle can provide research your customers and subscribers won't find with basic searches.

4. Search Blogs though Google.

Search results include all blogs on the web, not just those published through Google's Blogger. Blogs provide accurate and up-to-date results and are a great research tool. When using this research tool you'll discover lots of new information about your niche, that you can share!

5. Find out what scholars are saying.

Google Scholar helps you find the most relevant research across the world of scholarly research including theses, books, abstracts and articles, from academic publishers, professional societies, universities and other scholarly organizations.

6. Search PDF documents at Google.

Here's a clever trick most people do no know about. Try the following search at (keeping in the punctuation as written):
+horticulture +free +filetype:pdf
As of this writing, Google shows about a million sites for this query. What you get here are free downloads in pdf format about your subject.

Using the information you uncover...

Again, you'll be using all the information you uncover in your articles, your website, your newsletter and your information products (giveaway or for sale.) So save everything you find in a single folder on your desktop.

Of course you can't simply copy and use the content as your own information. You have to create your writing in your own words. But there's no law that says you can't summarize what you find in other people's works. To make the point, you could even call your work something like: "Survey Report: Latest from the Horticulture Front!"

Now I'll close today's tip with one more resource you can use...

Go to Do a search on your subject, in this example, horticulture. It provides the exact same results as Google because it's powered by Google. So why bother, right? Wrong. Because Alexa *does* provide value added information.

When you do the search, you don't want to click the link that takes you to the listed site. Instead you want to follow the link that says "Site info." When you do this, you'll find a section called: "People who visit this page also visit." This can be very valuable because it potentially shows *what the marketplace is interested in.* This can enable you to tailor your information product to what people want.

These are just some of the easy ways to branch out your explorations and find the nuggets that will set you apart from your competition.

Happy searching... :)

Jim Daniels

. . .

About the Author:
Have you ever wished you could make a living from the Internet? (There really is no lifestyle like it!) If you answered yes, come to and I'll show you the exact steps you need to take to make it happen.

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