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Is your website idea a ''bad'' idea?

I've gotten many emails lately from people that were having trouble figuring out what topic they should develop their website around.

One even stated that every time s/he came up with a great idea, then did some research on it, the topic would come up as having too much competition, or already over-populated.

This is a very interesting point because everything you read tells you to find a new, un-tapped niche and become the top expert, and then dominate that niche.

We are told that this is the ONLY way to make money on the Internet.

Finding a niche CAN be very profitable, but it is also very difficult to discover a new niche.


Because it isn't as simple as just finding a topic that no one else has found yet: That topic also has to have people dedicated to it that have money to spend, that want the products that you are selling, and that are willing to buy anything to begin with.

It is very difficult to find that perfect mix... especially now that there are so many other people online trying to do exactly the same thing.

When I started AffiliateMatch there were already a ton of affiliate program directories. There were also several "big players" out there that dominated the market.

I still managed to do the things necessary to build it into a profitable website.

Did I bump any of the "big players" out of their positions?

No. But I realized that I didn't have to.

There are many, many, many people surfing the Internet today. And even though you may have a competitor that has better search engine positioning, or more newsletter subscribers, you can STILL reach people that have never heard of your competitors.

You don't have to concentrate so much of your time and effort trying to find that undiscovered niche. If you have an idea that you like, and that you feel you would enjoy trying to make money from... go for it!

Figure out if there is a way that you can do things a little better, or a little different from what your competitors are doing.

Find a slightly different, more focused aspect of the subject area that you want to go into.

For example: Instead of tackling "Real Estate", try "Real Estate for Texans", or whatever state you live in.

By narrowing your focus you can greatly decrease the number of competitors that you will have.

If you can't narrow the topic down any, that's ok. As long as it is a subject you will enjoy learning more about, go ahead and do it anyway.

As you learn more and get more experience you will start to see niches form that you would have never been able to spot in the beginning.

Don't hold off your online business while you wait to discover the next million dollar niche. This approach is like putting off enjoying life until you have won the lottery.

The problem with this is that if you never actually win the lottery, you will have missed out on some great chances to enjoy life.

The Internet is the same way: Don't risk passing up great opportunities because you were on the sidelines trying to find that ONE idea that will make you rich.

So, when you ask me if your website idea is a bad idea... my response is: the only bad ideas are the ones that never get acted on!

. . .

Chuck McCullough is the author of a new ebook titled: "Affiliate Mistakes: Maximizing Your Profits From Affiliate Programs!" Get your free Email Course at: or visit

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