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Ask for More and You Get More!

Last month was a good one for us. A big one. We increased our new orders by 42 percent. The way I look at it, those new orders orders add up to EXTRA cash each month -- it’s money from sales we otherwise would not have. It’s almost like free money.

The best thing about getting each one of those extra orders was that it was amazingly simple. We did not have to spend more to make more. Here’s how we did it:

Every time someone calls to place and order, I instruct my assistant Clare to say:

“Thank you for your order, Mr. Smith. Because your order is more than $XXX, you qualify for a special offer. “ (Note: Always place the price just below what their actual order was so that nobody gets left out.)

Clare goes on to describe the product and savings they’ll make by ordering right away, and she wraps up with:

“Shall I include this in your order?”

Her rate of success so far? Better than 75 percent!

I share this success with everyone involved, including Clare. I pass her a neat $20 bill for every extra sale. That motivates her to give her best, enthusiastic pitch. It makes me happy because the more sales she makes, the more money I make. The customer is happy because they get a great deal on my valuable product.

Incredibly, tacking on a follow-up sale to the first sale is not a new idea. Thanks to the fast food industry, “do you want fries with that?” is a phrase burned into the minds of every American citizen.

But you must ask in the right way, and by that I mean using a simple but carefully prepared script. In that script, you must include tested selling words which have been proven to work for anyone who uses them. What you say and how you say it makes the difference between making money and making nothing!

Getting people to call you or come in is only half the battle. Selling them your top item is only 75 percent of the battle. You have not achieved 100 percent success until you have sold each customer a second or third time!

Selling that second or third item is what separates the ordinary, average businessman who is just making it from those who achieve stellar sales success!

Fortunately, years of study and experience by a variety of marketing research groups have distilled specific words, phrases and formulas that are proven sales makers. And just think, I am going to reveal some of the best of them to you right now!

One of the first and most powerful selling formulas is making an association with the product you are selling with a famous person.

For example, when you place a pair of athletic shoes in front of a teen-ager, if you say: “These are the same shoes that Michael Jordan prefers,” your sales will jump by as much as 300 percent. This idol-association line works for just about any product. Your can say:

“I read in People Magazine recently that Sylvester Stallone has this very same carpeting at his Miami villa”

Another key phrase for certain products:

“Using XXX will cut your xxx time in half, or by one third, by 28 percent, or whatever.” As in: “The wider swath on this lawn mower will cut down the time you spend mowing the lawn by 1/3!’

This time-cutting sentence sells with a vengeance, and you can apply such phrases to any number of products.

Remember, you’ll never get that next sale unless you ask for it -- and ask in the right way! I urge you to come up with your own sales garnering selling phrases.

Ken Varga is the author of “How to Get Customers to Call, Buy and Beg for More.” For More information you can communicate with Ken by FAX 732-364-3716.

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