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  • Top 10 Internet Marketing Blunders
    If you are trying to run some sort of business online, which most of us are, you can afford to make a few blunders with a personal homepage, but the "rules" in this article are written in stone. We continue to learn something new each and every day and that's what is so exciting about it - each time we act on our new-found knowledge our online sales increase.

  • Killer Copy - by David Garfinkel
    This article is a great one that will show you how to write copy that will set people's souls on fire! David Garfinkel is widely recognized by many "marketing gurus" as their secret weapon. That is, he is known as "The World's Greatest Copywriting Coach"; because, he can, like no other, teach you how to turn words into cash. David is also the author and narrator of Killer Copy Tactics, the Web's first and only totally interactive audio/visual learning system for writing killer sales copy.

  • Mailing List Management Mechanics
    Once you've set up a web site, optimized it, and submitted it to search engines, one of the next steps is to start building your own in-house mailing list. You should invariably offer visitors the ability to subscribe themselves to it and they must be able to do so at least on the front page of your site. More important, they should be made aware of your mailing list if not have the ability to subscribe to it on the front page's top section or "above the fold."

  • How To Reach Millions VIA Email
    The awesome potential of email marketing is the only real "secret" that you need to know when it comes to marketing your business online. And the only reason it can be called a secret is because so many marketers just don't get it - the fact that email has always been, and still is, the most powerful online marketing medium of all.

  • Finding Affiliate Programs, Merchants, Solution Providers
    Affiliate programs have emerged as one of the main revenue streams on the internet. There's plenty of money to be made selling other people's stuff, or having other people selling your stuff. Here is everything affiliate related. How can I join winning affiliate programs? Where can I find merchants that offer affiliate programs? Where can I get a solution provider or affiliate program software to sell my own product? It's all here.

  • What's Your Visitor's UPA?
    Michel Fortin discusses the natural human inclination to illogically and unconsciously assume that there is a parallel between a part and its whole: how that relates to your website and what you can do about it!

  • Written Words Help Walk Your Talk
    I can never emphasize enough that in order to create an endless stream of website business you must turn every single nook-and-cranny of your operations into an effective marketing system. One is to use written words, especially those of others. Why? It's because they appear to be more objective and credible.

  • If Cash Is King, Cashflow Is The Castle
    Spamming is to cheat one's business out of much more in the long run. For example, I often -- and often passionately -- teach about the negative effects of spam. Unquestionably, spam is profitable in the short term. But like so many other marketers on the Internet these days, spammers think about cash instead of *cashflow*.

  • Make It Easy For People To Find You
    Due to the growing overload of information on the web, people no longer have the time to search the Internet let alone search engine results in order to find exactly what they want. More and more people would love to skip search engines and their plethora of irrelevant, or misleading, links. And many attempt to reach websites directly by typing plausible URLs into their browsers. Michel Fortin shows you how to ready your site so that you can be found easily.

  • Mastering Narrow Marketing-Mindedness
    Web designers and Internet marketers alike will need to find innovative ways to streamline "vortal visibility" in order to make them more accessible and easy to use. Similar to the TV, which is comprised of hundreds of specialty channels, we will need a portal-like TV Guide to help us. "A search engine for search engines" you say? Maybe. Maybe a desktop or browser-integrated tool could do that -- and I know that some are currently in the works.

  • Thinking "Global" in Global Terms
    When we develop an online business we quickly realize that we're no longer subjected to the traditional limitations of location, slowness of communication and time-to-market. The Internet offers new opportunities and new tools that were once nonexistent in the brick-and-mortar world. However, while global marketing in the traditional sense requires a lot of planning, resources and time, and since online marketing cuts a lot of that fat, many tend to think that no careful thought is required when going "virtual." Not entirely so -- and here's why.

  • Modeling on the Web for Money
    New business models are appearing each day on the web -- most of which were never thought offline. In fact, several dot-coms are completely revolutionizing the way we do business. It's not surprising as life on the web is five times faster -- creating, reinventing, tweaking, testing and measuring results, all done quite rapidly, is probably *the* advantage of the Internet.

  • Secrets of Online Success Revealed!
    Many aspiring marketers ignore the most important marketing strategies out there: The basics. Too many of them search high and low for specific tactics to achieve online success -- and to achieve it as quickly as possible too. Undeniably, achieving online success *quicker* is indeed possible. But the reality is that there are no real "secrets" to online success. There are no "get-rich-quick" solutions. There are no panacean "oases" ...

  • Narrow Your Focus to Broaden Your Sales
    For those who wish to find more effective and cost-efficient ways of selling online, then attracting a higher quality stream of web site visitors -- that is interested, pre-qualified visitors that are ready to buy -- is definitely a better alternative.

  • How to Fish Where the Fish Swim
    Portals generally attract a large numbers of netizens. They offer either a abundance of content or links to other sites on the Internet offering such content -- hence the name "portals to the web." But there is a difference between a portal and a vortal.

  • How Do You Copywrite a Publication?
    Michel Fortin answers these questions: How do you copyright a publication? I had heard from some sources that if it is an electronic publication than it is already copyrighted. Is this true? I would like to copyright my publications and site as well.

  • The Honest Truth About Search Engines
    The absolute truth of the matter is that for most online businesses, search engines are definitely not the most effective way to promote a web site. In fact, depending primarily on the products and services you're marketing they can be almost useless.

  • Design Your Online Success
    Regard for the human inclination to "judge books by their covers" is of utmost importance on the web, for the design is the only thing that separates you from your customer and thus is representative of the whole. Your site can either emphasize, support, or contradict your marketing message -- and do so almost effortlessly, even inconspicuously, and sometimes dramatically.

  • Link Popularity: How to Check it and How to Improve it!
    Many Web marketing veterans have long realized the value of improving link popularity. For those of you new to this term, link popularity is how many external links on the Web point to your own Web site. Therefore, if you have 205 Web pages on other Web site domains pointing to your domain, then your link popularity is 205. Your link popularity will vary on each search engine because each engine has a different set of pages in its index.

  • URL Addresses for Marketing Your Web Site
    This report features a list of the major search databases on the web and the address you need to go to (as of this writing) to submit your website information. If you do nothing else other than getting listed with these databases, you'll be ahead of the game.

  • How Problems Can Make You Rich
    If you're thinking about going into business, find a problem and create a solution for that problem. Find out why it's easier to sell a solution to a problem than to sell a benefit to someone who is already comfortable. If that solution can be easily bottled, bagged, shipped, manufactured, or whatever, you've got a hit on your hands.

  • How To Bribe Everyone To Greater Sales & Profit
    Bribery can be a lot of fun and extremely profitable. That's right, bribe your customers to buy from you! Nothing underhanded or illegal, I'm talking about giving away something for free. It will increase your response rate by more than 300%. Many people have successfully used bribes for years, and you should too!

  • If You Want More Money Read This
    I bet that headline really grabbed your attention. In this tip I will discuss the importance of capturing the reader's attention. The headlines you use in your ads should jump out at your prospects, secure their attention, and force them to read the rest of your ad or article.

  • Profits Are The Holy Grail Of Marketing
    Is good marketing enough to sell your products or services? Do creativity and inspiration automatically translate into profits? I give you a resounding "NO!" In this tip I will share with you a lesson I call "Varga Rule Number 19". Check it out!

  • Ask for More and You Get More!
    In this tip you will find out why you'll never get that next sale unless you ask for it ... and ask in the right way! This tip will provide you with the precise details about the immense power of marketing systems and how to use them to maximize your sales and profits.

  • The Number One Reason For a Web Presence - by Michel Fortin
    Someone once asked in the Marketing Challenge private site, "What's the number one reason a business should have a web presence?" This is a fascinating question because, very often, many businesses (particularly with those I've consulted in my practice) have no clue as to why they are online. Yes, it is a new medium that's affordable, more effective and wrought with opportunity - especially for smaller businesses.

  • Hiring, Inspiring and Firing
    At some point in your business you're going to need additional help to take care of the many administrative and perfunctory tasks. Whether it's bookkeeping, filing, handling calls and emails, or scheduling appointments, admin support is a big plus because it enables you to concentrate on doing what you do best -- which also includes marketing your business online. Of course, you can hire staff. But if hiring employees is not something you want to consider at this stage, then there are several options open to you. First, let me advise you that the more employeeless you are the better it is. With staffing your business comes many new issues, risks and potential headaches.

  • Top Ten Marketing Tips
    Despite confusion about what marketing is, without it no business can succeed. The best definition of marketing is anything you do to get OR keep a customer. This means the most important forms of marketing are customer service and referrals. That's why in my books on marketing I focus on how to build relationships with customers and potential customers. You can build relationships in person or online. Even your advertising and brochures can help build relationships.

  • What Have You Done Today To Promote Your Business?
    Promoting your business on the internet is a never ending process. You cannot afford to place some advertisements and then sit back to watch the results roll in. To do so would doom your business to failure. Instead, each day, you need to be doing something to promote your business.

  • Are You a Hacker or Tracker?
    There is a fine line between Hacking and Tracking when marketing on the internet. One results in Sweet Success and the other results in Flat out Failure. Which one you choose is vital in determining your level of success on the internet.

  • Averting Disaster
    You wake up in the morning to find that your computer is dead. You try all the recovery methods in your arsenal but nothing works. After a trip to your local computer shop, you learn that all the data on your hard drive is wiped out and unrecoverable. Would this hurt your online business dramatically? Would your income stop as a result? Most small and home based businesses are totally unprepared for this and believe it or not, it CAN happen to you.

  • Targeted Traffic Through Endorsements
    Joint venture endorsement marketing is the probably the most underrated yet most powerful method available to attract targeted customers to your site, bar none. I know that you may be scratching your head right about now asking yourself, "What is this guy talking about? Everyone knows that search engine positioning is the most effective form of promotion...

  • How to Do Business with a Big Company
    Putting yourself in position to do business with the largest corporations takes motivation and perseverance, but the rewards can be considerable. No one has more money to spend than Fortune 1000-size companies. The key is to convince the right people that you can make their enterprise run more smoothly. Representing an emerging company, you have to show them that you´re serious and reliable, that you can handle certain functions more efficiently, or that your product saves them time or money.

  • Killer Secrets For Ranking High
    Have you ever wondered how the major search engines position your site? When you search "B2B" or "Business-to-Business" on AltaVista, you can see our website,, in the Top Ten listings. How did we do that? I'd like to share some of my experiences with you. After years of website promotion, I've come up with the following rules which have proven to be effective for us.

  • How to Instantly Double the Response of Any Ad, Letter or Web Promotion
    Masters of marketing know a secret that most business people don't. I'm going to share it with you now: You can go from losing money to making money - sometimes, a *lot* of money - just by changing a few words.

  • The Absolute Best Way to Promote Your Site For Free
    I can't stress the importance of effective linking strategies enough - they are the hidden power of the World Wide Web. There are two benefits to exchanging links. One is the immediate increase in traffic to your website from referral partners who are thinking of networking with you. This can quite often lead to sales. The second benefit, and most important in our minds, is the ongoing funnel of new, pre-qualified prospects it brings to your doorstep.

  • How to Write Attention-Grabbing Headlines
    When writing a sales letter or a print ad, your first step is to grab the readers attention. You do that by writing a killer headline. The purpose of the headline is to capture the attention of prospective buyers that want your product or service. This is the first step in persuading the reader to buy.

  • The Truth About Associate Programs
    There are so many opportunities with Associate Programs on the Net today. But let's be fair, and put this in the proper perspective. A lot of people start a Home Business and fail. The same way that a lot of people sign up with an associate or affiliate program and never make any money.

  • Secrets of Advertising 'In Context'
    There is a dramatic change happening in affiliate programs, and it all involves selling items within the context of the affiliate's website. Affiliate programs are changing from the original "place my banner ad on your site" branding approach to a new, integrated advertising effort. It is more important to place your content within their website, to empower them to sell, than to simply drive people to your website.

  • Jump Into E-Commerce Action
    As you probably know, the e-commerce industry is growing at an exponential rate. If you are not already part of the exploding e-commerce action, you are missing out on your piece of the pie. Until now, one of the major reasons for people to miss out on e-commerce action is that they didn't have an online store or product to sell. Now, they can jump into the action with affiliate programs. Affiliate programs are also known as associate, commission, referral, bounty and partner programs.

  • Niche Your Way To Millions
    When targeting a niche market, it is relatively easy to find out all the information that exists about the needs and wants of the market. By doing your homework, and learning all you can about a specific market, you can discover ways of improving existing products or updating old information and strategies.

  • Prepare for the Proliferation of Personalization
    Personalization, which is the obvious parallel in the field of ecommerce, will provide consumers with greater flexibility and choice, a more personalized online experience, and greater leverage when it comes to buying products on the Internet. Since the web is completely user-driven, and when compared to other types of interruption-based, broadcast media, it is no wonder that the demand for personalization is growing.

  • Guerrilla Insights Into Direct Response Marketing
    Direct response marketing is a lot different from indirect response marketing, although guerrillas like it best when the two are teamed up. The first is geared to obtain orders right here and right now. The second is geared to obtain orders eventually. Although a fair amount of standard, indirect marketing often is necessary to set the stage, to make prospects ready to buy, and to separate your company from strangers, it's when you initiate direct marketing that you first taste blood.

  • Ignite Your Website Traffic With Free Publicity
    Forget about paying a public relations agency hundreds to thousands of dollars to maybe gain some exposure. Getting traffic to your web site is not about spending lots of money. It's about knowing how and where to submit articles in order to get results.

  • International e-Commerce Trends
    According to Forrester Research, the Business-to-Business e-commerce market will skyrocket to $1.3 trillion by 2003 - up from a mere $43 billion in 1998. Given these stunning numbers, you'd better be ready to address the latest internet marketing trends. So where the heck are the Internet marketing trends going? Here are some international marketing trends I've identified that say a great deal about where the online marketing game is heading.

  • Covert Personalization: Two Winning Models
    Covert personalization is a bit like the old adage about the weather, "Everyone talks about it but no one seems to do anything about it." In fact, that's somewhat of an overstatement. I believe that most sites aren't making any substantial efforts at personalization, however, when personalization is done properly, it's difficult to tell that it's going on at all.

  • Is Pure Play the Wrong Play? Yes, Says New E-tail Study
    A number of big e-commerce sites have fallen by the wayside recently, and no doubt that's of concern to you if you're running a small- to medium-sized site. Perhaps you've noticed that the revenue stream is no longer growing much, or the average profit per sale is on the decline. Could it be time to consider adding some other sales channels?

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