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Pin the Tail on the Web Marketing Donkey

Remember that fun game we played as children...Pin the Tail on the Donkey? You know, we would take turns being blindfolded and twisted around a few times before attempting to pin a cardboard tail onto a donkey attached to the wall.

Being blindfolded, it was fairly difficult to accurately attach the tail. We would usually miss the mark numerous times before we pinned it in the proper place. Or, sometimes, we never found the proper place and just gave up in disgust.

While that may have been a fun game as children, as adults trying to do business on the web, it's not so much fun.

And yet, I see many people playing the grown-up version of this game...Pin the Tail on the Web Marketing Donkey.

Yep, they line up to take their turn being blindfolded and twisted around on the internet. There are so many "sure shots" and "guarantees" and "you need this product or this service" online, good grief it's hard to imagine anyone ever finding the right spot.

With so many schemes, scams and shams online blinding most inexperienced and intermediate web marketers, it is fairly difficult to accurately "attach the tail" with any kind of success.

And so, what happens? Most people miss the mark numerous times (you know, they send out their ad to 50 million members of a "safe list," post to a few hundred thousand FFA pages and generally get taken in with all kinds of "web promotion.") before finding that place where things really do fit, or they never find it at all.

And they give up in disgust and become another statistic in the 95% of online businesses that fail.

Surely there is an easier way.

Actually there is. And I'm about to give you 6 quick LAWS to LIVE BY if you really want to stop walking around blindly online and finally find the promised success you've been reading about...

Law #1: Don't Quit Your Day Job. The first thing you need to understand is that Rome wasn't built in a day. Translation: Your internet success isn't going to happen overnight. Too many people think that jumping online is some kind of magic potion that turns anyone into a six-figure income producer in the next 7 days. It doesn't happen that way - and stay away from anyone who tells you it does! If you are just starting out, plan on six months to a year of developing your eBusiness before it's time to even THINK about cutting ties with the "real world."

Law #2: Set Reasonable, Reachable Goals. Having realized it is going to take six months or longer...don't despair. Sounds like an incredibly long time right now, doesn't it? Don't be discouraged, be realistic. Allen Says of the Warriors Group didn't become a success overnight. Ken Evoy of SiteSell didn't do it. Terry Dean, Lee Benson and dare I say, Jimmy D. Brown - none of us became successes in the first few weeks. And yet, each of us RIGHT NOW are pulling in full-time incomes from the web. They key is to simply take your time. Set "mini" goals that you can reach each day and week. Arm yourself with a plan and take "baby" steps until you reach your goal. I assure you, with proper planning, you WILL be successful.

Law #3: Find a Good Map. So, what kind of goals should you set? Is there a "checklist" you can follow to mark your progress? Just like any journey in life, if you want to make sure you are headed in the right need a map. Trust me, no one wants to play LEWIS AND CLARK online and try to create their own map...way too much trouble. You need someone who has already been there, someone who has already made their way through the maze and knows how to get to the top. Do your research. And here is what I would tell you to look for: Find a web marketing product that offers ONGOING SUPPORT. More than just manuals and information, you need someone you can ask questions to when you find you don't understand. You need someone who is going to be available to give you consultation when you need to be pointed in the right direction. Don't purchase a product from someone who is just going to take your money and never return your emails after that. Find someone who will HELP you along the way. (There ARE those who offer this service. If you need a recommendation, then email me at

Law #4: Understand WHAT To Promote. Learn this truth need your own product. You need something to promote online that you are able to sell and keep 100% of the profits for yourself. Don't let anyone kid you, the people who earn the most money online are the ones who control the products and services. Sure, affiliate programs are great to promote. And I do that myself. However, affiliate programs are best used to work the back-end, as complementary products, not as your main product. Information products in eBook form are the best to sell online. Believe it or not, with the right map, you'll be cranking out your own product in just a few short weeks.

Law #5: Seek Support Along the Way. I've already touched on this a bit earlier, but you need ONGOING support. You can find this through your web marketing "mentor" that you purchase products from, but you can also find help in many other ways. Visit the message boards and forums to ask your questions and seek advice. You'll receive free counsel from a variety of experienced marketers at these sites. Contact the owners of websites that you are considering purchasing their product. Ask them preliminary questions about their product as it pertains to the area you need guidance in. Visit the major search engines and search for keywords and phrases pertaining to your question. Don't be afraid to ask questions. After all, you need some help pinning that tail on the donkey!

Law #6: Launch an Affiliate Program. Once you've developed your own product and have gotten a feel for how things work online, THE NUMBER ONE thing you can do to generate serious income is to launch your own affiliate program. You are just ONE person. There is only so much advertising you can afford. There is only so much marketing and promotion you can do single-handedly. There are limits and boundaries that you simply can't exceed as one person. However, combine the marketing power of thousands of other people and you'll see your profits skyrocket. I don't know any highly successfuly website online that doesn't offer an affiliate program. It is THE single best thing you can do to generate sales. Hands down. No question about it. Period. (for more details on this, visit

So, there you have it. Six "laws" you should live by in order to achieve success. Six "laws" to help you pin the tail on the web marketing donkey.

It's time to take the blindfold off.

Copyright © 2001 Jimmy D. Brown. All rights reserved worldwide. Jimmy D. Brown is the author of the just released "Free Advertising System," a step-by-step formula for getting thousands of other people to sell YOUR product for you. Jimmy is also the owner of, the complete eBusiness Center offering you a map of what to do online for success, from start to finish.

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